Full body Teleportation patent

In one vivid dream last night, I went to strange place and they showed me a machine. It has bunch of menus written in English. I wish I could recall all of them but I remembered two words out of them in the morning: Urantia, teleportation.

Out of curiosity I punched the words on google. It retrieved data that has “Urantia teleportation”. Going through one or two pages, I found this Fullbody Teleportation patent registered in U.S.

Full body teleportation system
Pub. No: US 2006/0071122 A1
Pub. Date: Apr. 6, 2006
Inventor: John Quincy St. Clair.


Modern patent system is one of worst, absurd example of how our society is twisted. How can one person claim ownership of idea without actually building machines? To have a real machine, perfect/solid theory is five to ten percent, the last is engineering and perfection of prototype machine.

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