How to become a god?

I’ve been contemplating this idea lately “How to become a god?”. My definition of god is to have the power of manifestation in physical reality I live in.

I came to believe in humans are god beings but most people do not realize their true identity thanks to the slavery civilization over 10,000 years.

Human is a mixture of body and soul. Mind is temporary driver of human at any given life. Physical death is just beginning of another journey of soul. Some folks even suggest that the easiest thing is death. I do agree with it. Right after the moment of death soul enters into the light realm where physical limitation, suffering hardly exist.

The head figure of the Nazis, Hitler did not go to hell after his death. Is this outrageous claim? Understanding immortality of soul, one life is a playground of soul for learning experience, it makes clear. Hitler alone couldn’t do outrageous deed during the World War II. The Germans had supported him anyway whatever excuses they had.

Look at bloody, war loving nation, U.S. President Obama won the Novel peace prize while U.S is conducting wars with three or four nations. Technically speaking, U.S military has been doing genocide millions of people. History repeat itself.

There is a phrase.
Killing a person make one go to jail or be executed.
Killing ten to twenty becomes a hero.
Killing hundreds becomes a king.
Killing hundred thousands become a God.

Why this world is so fucked is simply explained by above absurd sentences. Right? In other words human society is owned by ruthless monsters under human body suit. Look at the mainstream history as is. All the kings and rulers rose from the blood.

Governments work for people? Of course not. Governments have been so busy to slaughter, suppress virtually all humans except few thousands of monsters. 1% rules 99% population? That’s way over estimated number. Only few thousands own entire population, billions.

Let me get back to subject. To be a god two conditions must be satisfied; one is immortality, the other is creation. Anyone who seriously studied would out human soul has immortality. Humans do have creative abilities.

How to achieve immortality as normal human? Simple answer is to get back soul memories, overcome the fear of physical death. As soon as one recovers part of forgotten soul memories, buried deep inside, fear disappears. Then life changes dramatically.

Materialists who ignore the existence of soul does whatever they can do for survival. Because their point of view the world is dead-end when the physical body is dead. So they use survival for justifying any monstrous deeds. It’s perfectly fine the rule class suppresses billions of humans. It’s fine to kill millions of people in other countries for grabbing natural resources. How about animals? What?

All major religions do not tell human is a god being. Instead they inject manufactured, false belief system into innocent children so that those children will serve as slaves, their valuable lives are being wasted, consumed again for corrupted system. What a brilliant mind control job!

Obtaining immortality is half way to be a god in true sense. A god has to have power of creation. Without it, god will be sucked into the source. Is it good or bad? I do not know. If souls are cocreators of universe at fundamental level, gods always create new things, express their existence, and interact each other.

How to get the power of creation? If you do not know how to express yourself or make stuff, learn one or two creative activities that can be shared by others beyond time. Arts and practical study of science and technologies. Forget about success, which is another trap. Be yourself and just enjoy what you are creating. Eventually your skills is improved, people will recognize your works.

Whenever you do what you really enjoy put into trance state – oneness, you will live the moment more often. It gotta be experienced by yourself.

Million hours of watching TV, worship manufactured stars make you empty at the end of life. When I die, I’ll face the death alone. So do you. It will be very painful as a soul when I look back, most of the memories are full of shit.

I think as more and more people realize their true potential, live up to their own standard and life experiences as god beings, the power of corrupted system will shrink. The reason is simple. We are cocreators and give our sovereign power to serve the system blindly.

People spend 75% to 80% of their income for energy to survive. Adding inflated house expenses by financial gangsters, make only handful people in society have debt-free living. Sometimes I’m grateful to have this luxury of blogging.

I truly hope one day a humble god will release practical, mobile Free Energy power generators for humanity soon. So that all people will be able to join the god-hood.

This is a dirty little secret I discovered.

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