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Computer setup to reduce electromagnetic radiation

I decided to reduce electromagnetic radiation from computers and other devices in my workspace. Here is what I have: Desktop PC x2 LCD monitor x2 Laser printer x1 130W amplifier x1 Step-down transformer x1 I roughly designed a rack which … Continue reading

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Tips to reduce on exposure to computer Radiation

My 9 Tips To Cut Down On Exposure To Computer Radiation The good news is that electric fields can be dealt with fairly easily by grounding your computer equipment f you have a laptop, consider using an external keyboard and … Continue reading

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Thousand Plants against Cancer without Chemo-Therapy

Giuseppe Nacci, M.D. Thousand Plants against Cancer without Chemo-Therapy OCTOBER 2008 500 pages EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE: 1,700 official scientific publications 1,750 various bibliographical references From: “Mille Piante per guarire dal Cancro senza Chemio” book –on line (http://www.erbeofficinali.org/dati/nacci/index.php http://www.alternativemed.eu/cancro/1000%20piante_cancro.pdf http://aloearborescens.tripod.com http://www.mednat.org/Nacci%20libro.pdfContinue reading

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Grounding Is a Key Mechanism by Which Your Body Maintains Health

Source By Dr. Mercola The Health Effects of Grounding When your body is exposed to a lot of free radical stress, your blood tends to thicken, and positive charges accumulate in your body. This causes chronic inflammation, which is a … Continue reading

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The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses

The Cure of Imperfect Sightby Treatment WithoutGlassesByW. H. BATES, M.D. Download on http://www.visionsofjoy.org/ 

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Comprehensive Report on Cannabis Extract Medicine

SlideShare for free read. Amazon Kindle June 20th, 2014 Update – New terminal cancer recoveries and updates on several mainstream projects around the world, including The Phoenix Five, Project Storm, and Weed the People. The latter is a film by … Continue reading

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Bob Beck Lecture – Take Back Your Power, 1997

The Lecture paper The Beck Protocol Schematic for how to build your own Bob Beck Blood Electrification Unit The Beck Protocol Handbook. PDF version

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