20 – chapter 3


Chapter 3

The cost of intelligence

K is remembered as an eccentric, unpredictable figure among the founding members of the village. He had made remarkable claims on his diary which would be testified only by one’s experiment.

One infamous claim by K is:

Do you know what animal does outsmart human by speaking language? Guess. We think brain size is directly related to intelligence of the animal. So it’s logical that insects have lower intelligent that fishes. Most fishes except dolphins and whales should have inferior intelligence than mammals.

Chicken head usually represent a dumb person. We are often amazed by birds physical abilities but hardly consider their intelligence because bird’s brain size is tiny.

Well, well after successful telepathic communication with dogs and cats, I’m convinced that birds are really smart. All the four leg talkers had refused to give clear answer about bird’s intelligence.

“Have you ever talked with a Magpie?”

“Not really. Those birds are annoying, creating a lot of noise whenever they go.” A dog said.

Cats’ reaction were interesting.

“Hmm… Let me think. Is it a good idea of talking with your preys?”

“Birds are challenging subjects to catch. From time to time we manage to pick up fallen chicks on the branches. That’s about it. You know what, the taste of bird is so good though.”

“In our (cats) world, there is a famous verb saying if you are brave enough, patience and skillful, then try to hunt a bird once. You will experience of pure ecstasy, accomplishment and pride as a cat. But once you start indulging the winged creatures, you will shorten, endanger your dear life.”

So I decided to communicate with birds. The problem I learned in day one is attention span of birds is usually within few seconds. Except domestic chickens birds do not sit on one place long enough to engage meaningful conversation.

An old chicken suggested me to build a feeding station that has small entrance and transparent windows so that small birds such as Daruian Redstart come and stay long. Eventually I had built good number of bird shelters around my house. Each shelter had direct access port that I observe birds in it. sparrows, bulbuls, and redstarts moved in the shelters.

(I might insert more conversations here because it’s quite fun .)

Talking with them in night before the residents go to sleep was quite effective. Most birds have direct personality, spontaneous, and they talk in high speed.

“Hey Red?”

“Yo, what’s up?”

“How’s your day?”

“It was alright.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. It was peaceful, I caught enough bugs to fill my stomach.”

“By the way, I like this shelter. This is mine now. Do you have any problem with it?”

“Nope. Stay as long as you wish.”

“Great. By next coming spring, I might become a papa.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeap. I found a chick that accepted my proposal today. You will see her soon.”

“Is it hard to get a partner?”

“Yes. So so males wouldn’t get a chance. A future mom evaluates overall male’s abilities: good attitude, resourcefulness, knowledge, age is another factor.”


“All adults understand parenting is hard. It demands physical and mental limit of both parents till the chicks grow up. A couple who finishes parenting would not participate the annual mating competition for few years. This in fact gives mating opportunities to the so-so birds.”

“Hey it’s time for the bed.”

“Yeap. Good night.”

An old bulbul moved in with a young one. The young one called the old one as master which train, transfer essential knowledge to the young generations. These masters are living librarians and do critical part of organic evolutionary process of many species.

“Would I call you Sparky?”

“Nah. That’s ignorant name for a bird like me. Give me a moment.”

“Call me a thorn.”


“Yes. Do you have problem?”

“Do you know what does thorn mean?”

“Of course, it’s niddle-like things on wild roses’ trunk you humans call them in general. Am I wrong? Chirp chirp.”

“I’m surprised.”

“I can promise you that it is just a beginning.”

K had done a lot of conversations with Thorn and they became a good soul friend whatever you may call it or discard. They visited many places all over the world together for years till Thorn left the Earth. And about a decade later K vanished without trace in the village.

Excerpt from the final section of K’s diary:

Dear friends and villagers,

Nowadays I don’t have good reason that I should stay in the village, which makes me wonder often. Aging is slow torture of death to any human who loose higher purpose of existence unless blind faith to a fixed ideology or belief system, i.e. religion.

If somebody ask me what kind of religion I want to have, I gladly say my religion is Nature itself. Handful of you were aware of my recent actions that have created gossips about me. It was understandable of course. It’s too early to validate in scientific manner that there exist higher form of language that all life forms can communicate. I call it telepathy which beyond limited words and abstractions created by human concepts.

I had developed friendship with animals for a decade, the best one was Thorn, bulbul species. And Thorn convinced me that telepathy does exist and grand scheme that governs all creatures on Earth or other places where creatures live.

Immortality of machine became an obsolete subject in scientific context. Five years of kids in our village know that the body is just a container of mind. Without mind which has free will and own awareness, human being is a complex organic machine to do stuff repeatedly like the simple robots in a workshop.

A new trend in modern society is phenomena of remembrance of past lives. I personally recovered some of past lives. Surprisingly many conversations with the winged friends reveal that animals do remember past lives believe or not. To validate this extraordinary yet old hypothesis I traveled many places over the world with Thorn to gather, cross check cases.

Corrupted religions in Eastern culture had exploited collective consciousness using reincarnation under the name of different religions’ dogma: Buddhism, Hinduism, and etc. So accepting reincarnation without its underlying mechanism is crucial to us. It would be served as shackle to lock us down, make us hopeless being for many generations again if people worship it rather than natural evolutionary process.

The uncomfortable question I had in mind is who or what group installed sophisticated belief systems that prevent mankind remembering our past over 40,000 years, especially the last 10,000 years onward till present days.

Humanity has finally reached to near interstellar civilization. We should be proud of this great achievement. But one things has to be done for the security of mankind, which is to identify the rouge entities that had controlled collective humanity for thousands years. A group of humans and members of off-world species formed a special task force to find them and ask for full responsibility of their deeds against us. The task force also has military component in it.

(few phrases to fill and finish it.)
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20 by Hughe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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20 – chapter 2


Chapter 2

Democracy, what?!

Thrive of the village, now became a town, has been contributed by new political system, mostly the community technically is running by children from five to late teen.

The village does not have a election day. There aren’t professional politicians whose job is to control the rest without doing any meaningful works inside the office. All big decisions and long-term plans for the community must have full agreement of related parties, all villagers who have the right of challenge.

The founders believed that any sentient being which possesses higher intelligence does not need to have a leader or entity that gives orders what to do or not. For the first few years the founders had some doubt and experienced difficulties having young leaders who were their children. The young executives indeed ran the village, did things in extraordinary way from adult’s point of view.

At least the village hasn’t developed two classes – the elites, the workers – which would be the worst nightmare of the community. Any size of society has final decision makers, the leaders who exercise the power which steers direction of the society. For how long modern humans had been blinded by democracy? A good two hundred years.

Contrary to the belief democracy produced a monstrous empire, perfect war machine whose way of living was to destroy natural environment, perpetuating wars against weak nations to exploit resources and cheap labor. Democracy miserably failed to offer transparent political system that takes care of even the majority which is the source of the governing body.

Small group of people finally realized that any idealistic political system that ignores individual or minority’s voice and rights would create monstrous government eventually. Because fresh and new idea that can fix problems of the society hardly comes from so-so majority, old generation. History of science has proved it.

At the pinnacle of massive public education in late 20th century, compared to number of professionals and scientists, engineers whose education period and amount exceeded over past ages in human history, capable experts became scarce breed. And it did delay or even prevented peaceful, smooth transition of modern society for decades.

For instance, modern astronomy became garbage scientific field that common sense and reasoning stopped working anymore. What matter worse was the scientific community brought in democracy to manage research activities so that the status quo would have maintain without a single challenge from fellow scientists.

Astronomy had to suffer for about one hundred years until the Big Bang cosmology simply exploded in early 21st century, which triggered by grass root movement organized by brilliant, conscious scientists who had been in minority. See the Electric Universe in appendix [2].

How democracy works and what’s the flaw of its method? Let’s examine it using a scenario. Suppose there is a village that has 100 hundred residents. End of each year they elect a leader and five counselors who serve as the governing body of the village.

The villagers nominates up to three candidates during election campaign that lasts three days. In the final day one candidate who gets most votes is elected as the new leader of the village, and the leader appoints five new counselors.

Ability of each candidate is irrelevant as you see. No matter how good a candidate is, a candidate who could speak well enough to attract more voters will always become the leader. So the village has created ruling class who live off other hard-working people. What makes it worse the situation is introduction of laws, by the leader and counselors, that punishes all villages who disobey or go against majority’s opinions. If one of punishment is execution, the village goes back to autocracy kingdom age.

Fear and control of basic necessities for human survival are the main tools all corrupted power exploit. To whom should the general public follow when they faces into extreme poverty – ideology or food and water?

After spending agonizing debates and discussions the founders of Gureum village abandoned democracy as political system. They invented modified version of political system that the First Nations in North America had used thousands years, which guarantee voices of the minority. Any big decision that affects direction of the community should have unanimous agreement of all members. This way creative solution wins over popularity and accepted old method that most of the community take it as is without a single doubt.

Next challenge for them to establish was structure of governing body that executes and manages decisions made by all members. How to prevent corruption of the power group that always exist, potential threat of chaos? One of the founders suggested “The younger is more open-minded, immune against corruption. So let’s make kids as village leader and counselors.”

We adults learn how to lie, manipulate, take advantage of others. This is the downside of intelligence. Aren’t we? How often we actually trust our intuition and go for it? Rarely. Before we do something, our mind starts calculating possible outputs that favors the initial decision.”

Another founder supported it too saying

“Yes. That’s a beautiful idea. Kids don’t like. Children have brutal honesty and challenges parents whenever they spot broken promises.”

Here is another interesting fact. Kids have big dreams, usually optimistic towards the world. Humans as we get old become cynical, don’t give shit about our actions or the world. How many wise elders who care about future generations after they gone? When I was a kid I used to call Stupid old bastards every year in Spring. Elders of the family clan gathered adults to do grave maintenance work, which was to destroy forest by cutting down trees and plants. And the elders were proud of lifeless grave yard. After thirty some years past as I became a man, the elders’ children who then took over their parents’ position did the same thing in more destructive way.”

(# I might extend this part.)

The village has only three laws that everybody needs to respect and exercise. It’s simplified version of Natural laws.

(# Use directive instead law?)

Honor scared life of human being and all life forms that share the planet. Any action that violates this principal will have severe punishment set by the committee or voluntary offer of the breaker oneself.

Honor causality of every action we do as an individual or collective. Therefore one has to take full responsibility of the action whatever it is.

We understand that Freedom is earned right by intelligent sentient being who has self awareness whether its biological or synthetic origin. Any free being should honor above two principles when it exercises own Freedom.

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20 by Hughe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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20 – chapter 1


I wrote a short story during last winter. It’s about a future society that people live good life without  the conflicts between the ruling and subservient classes. The title 20 means the village residents’ maximum work hour per week is 20.  I believe it can be done if capable people start working together to build a decentralized local economy that utilizes innovative technologies and theories in modern science.

It’s half-finished work. I’ll add few more chapters and the appendix one at a time.  A sentence starting with # is not part of the story but undecided thought during the moment of writing.

Thank you codeinfig for proof reading.

12-point Times Roman or 12-point Courier.
Margins set to 1-inch all round
Indented paragraphs

PDF file: 20_manuscript


Chapter 1

There is a man whose name is H. H was born in a small community that is located in a remote mountain area. Here is life is slow, stress free, spacious, and peaceful.

Total number of locals in the village is around two hundreds. Few decades ago the village had less than twenty people which later on became legendary founders and elders who have great influence to the society at profound level. H’s parents were part of the founders. From time to time he heard how fortunate boy he was because he never been subjected to slavery condition of living, which has been normal lifestyle of mankind since the beginning of modern civilization.

H lives in a floating house that handful of villagers, somewhat crazy and wild in nature, have been building for prototype, mobile living quarters. The original idea came from Buckminster Fuller’s Cloud Nine structure half century ago. Fuller calculated that a huge dome structure that is made out of light-weight metal struts under transparent wall would warm up the inside air during the day, inside air’s total density difference to surrounding air soon overcomes the weight of dome, and lifts over the ground such as balloon floats in the sky. I suggest anybody who is interest about technical detail of the floating house should check the appendix.

Let’s look into H’s daily life. First of all, what does he do for living? In the village most adults do not have specific job they have to maintain. All village members who are capable of physical labor works contribute twenty hours per week for the necessary community works at most. Some work eight hours per day for two and half days in straight. Many favors five hours per day for four days in straight, which give them sense of duty or objective.

People finally realized that monocroping was the root cause of potential starvation, macroscopic environmental destruction caused by agriculture, which supposedly to work with Nature.

The village has constructed huge food forest and food gardens so that farming activities hardly require bone-crushing, blood-burning labor which haunted traditional farmers generation after generation. Permaculture or natural farming revolutionized agriculture within two decades in world wide.

Hundreds types of edible plants, fruit trees produce fresh, organic, and nutritional rich food during three quarter of the year. Except growing few corps demand three to four weeks of intensive labor in Spring: wheat, rice, corns, and some others.

As soon as kids become five to six years old, they join the the workforce with great enthusiasm and curiosities. You might think it’s outrageous, a sign of backward society that enforces child labor to support the whole. All parents who have children prefer to take care and teach by themselves the basic knowledge and skills to their children in real work places. Toddlers usually stay in daycare center. By the time children becomes late teens, they are grown as masters of specific field and have versatile skills. These new generation indeed has helped technological advancement of later civilization greatly. Imagine hundred thousands of genius who could challenge the great mind like Nicola Tesla or Issac Newton both in creativity and intellectual level.

Frankly speaking, just few years ago all villagers unanimously rejected new workforce plan which contained reduction of mandatory work hour by 30%, which is fourteen hours per week at maximum. The mechanics started to build humanoid robots that could do any type of physical/mental work what human does.

The plan had been debated for two months and final decision was to get rid of it permanently. The reason was that labor activities that are related to human survival – food production, shelter/house construction and maintenance, energy production and distribution, building and maintaining machines that support the infrastructure, medicare – are sacred.

The moment majority of members are removed from such activities, the collective as a whole will start to degrade due to inevitable dependence to a group which possesses the power.

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20 by Hughe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Why nuclear bombs do not work


1.2 The B61 Silver Bullet a-bomb of 1963 – to be upgraded 2016 by Obama

I live in Europe (Southern France) and today, 2016, it seems USA, 53 years later, protect me with plenty atomic strategic and tactical B61 Silver Bullet atomic bombs created 1963 with fixed tail fins just screwed to the bomb shell (see photos below) and according to www.nrdc.org/nuclear/euro/euro.pdf. It is evidently a joke. The B61 Silver Bullet atomic bomb does not work and probably does not exist! And what a stupid name of a bomb. Silver bullet!

The B61 Silver Bullet bombs, if they exists, which I doubt, are stored in well-known places all over Europe, where they apparently can go off at any time … even if they do not work.

 A U.S. Air Force safety review determined in 1997 that there was a risk of accidental nuclear explosion during service of B61 nuclear bombs in NATO’s protective aircraft shelters. (p.52 of above link)

Nobody in Europe reacted 1997! Imagine US/NATO a-bombs just exploding in store!

There were (September 2015) approximately 180 US B61 a-bombs deployed in Europe at six bases in five NATO countries: Belgium (Kleine Brogel AB), Germany (Buchel AB), Italy (Aviano AB and Ghedi AB), the Netherlands (Volkel AB), and Turkey (Incirlik AB). The security is still not very good.  Terrorists plan to steal them! But don’t worry. The bombs do not work. Or exist.

It’s probably right.
Garbage in, garbage out.

I laugh to myself whenever I hear a smart man talks about Black Holes or Nuclear fusion energy in the sun. Because I know for certain Black Holes do not exist in physical universe.

Putting aside complex mathematical formulas that creates the condition of Black Holes, the definition of Black Holes tells pseudo concept and contradicting itself. A collapsing star due to gravity would create incredible state of point mass with infinite density. The gravitional pull is so strong light can not escape from it.

Point mass means it does not have any volume. What does it mean then? Well point mass is a concept to simply calculation in Newtonian mechanics. To calculate gravitation force between Earth and an object, we treat Earth as point mass. It has position or distance from the object. The size of Earth is irrelevant. Without physical volume Earth’s mass alone exists in the calculation. It’s a good example of power of abstraction human mind does invent often to understand reality, how Nature works.

What makes infinite density? Density is mass over volume in physics.
Earth can be a Black Hole if it shrinks down to point mass or extremely tiny ball. An apple can be a Black Hole too if its volume gets down to infinitesimal near zero. Mass is irrelevant by definition of division in mathematics. Second or third grade kids know it.

--------- = infinity

——- = infinity (Black Holes)

Zero is also abstraction human invented that does not exist in the universe. Many stupid people think zero is real number such as one or two that we can correlate real objects to it.

Long long time ago the universe was created out of nothingness! The Big Bang Universe. What is nothingness? Can I replace it zero then how matter can be created out of nothing? By the way world class scientists rewarded Nobel prize in Physics by fudging data to support the Big Bang cosmology – the detection of 3K Cosmic background.

It’s stupid claim and only subservient mind takes it as truth under one condition either social conditioning or repetitive exposure by force during childhood. Modern education makes kids as living deads by the time they join the society in late 10s. Honestly speaking, I had lived almost entire life as a living dead or biological robot which perform any order without any objection.

Case Against the Nuclear Atom
Dewey B. Larson

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PyOpenGL keyboard won’t respond?


Below code generates above beautiful image. One problem is keyboard wouldn't respond at all. keyboard() takes a string value when any key is pressed, ESC or q quit the program. All the example codes in PyOpenGL-Demo fail to respond keyboard also. This has been driving me nut! 
def keyboard(key, x, y):
    # Allow to quit by pressing 'Esc' or 'q'
    if ch == chr(27):
    if ch == 'q':

I checked how Geodome handles keyboard event. It was identical to PyOpenGL code. glutKeyboardFunc() calls the user defined keyboard function.


The keyboard function of Geodome as below takes unsigned char value.

/* change view angle, exit upon ESC */
static void
key(unsigned char k, int x, int y)
    switch (k) {
      case '2': tesselate_cmd(2, radius) ; break;
      case '3': tesselate_cmd(3, radius) ; break;
      case '4': tesselate_cmd(4, radius) ; break;
      case '5': tesselate_cmd(5, radius) ; break;
      case '6': tesselate_cmd(6, radius) ; break;
      case '7': tesselate_cmd(7, radius) ; break;
      case '8': tesselate_cmd(8, radius) ; break;
      case '9': tesselate_cmd(9, radius) ; break;
      case 'z': view_roty += 4.0; break;

I inserted print() line that shows key's data type and actual value to debug the problem.

def keyboard(key, x, y):
    ch = key.decode("utf-8")
    print(type(key), key, type(ch), ch)
    # Allow to quit by pressing 'Esc' or 'q'
    if ch == chr(27):
    if ch == 'q':
        print('Good bye!')

glutKeyboardFunc() is returning bytes object while keyboard()'s key parameter is expecting string object. So if condition becomes unknown that makes non-responsive to any keyboard event.

$ python3 PyMathArt.py
<class 'bytes'> b'a' <class 'str'> a
<class 'bytes'> b'b' <class 'str'> b
<class 'bytes'> b'c' <class 'str'> c
<class 'bytes'> b'1' <class 'str'> 1

Fixed keyboard function

def keyboard(bkey, x, y):
    # Convert bytes object to string 
    key = bkey.decode("utf-8")
    # Allow to quit by pressing 'Esc' or 'q'
    if key == chr(27):
    if key == 'q':
# python3
# http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~gfrancis/illimath/StanBlank/PyOpenGL.pdf
# Python Programming in OpenGL by Stan Blank, p100
# 4/26/2016
# PyMathArt.py

from OpenGL.GLUT import *       # GL Utilities Toolkit
from OpenGL.GL import *
from OpenGL.GLU import *
import numpy as np
import random
import sys

# Set the width and height of the window with global variables
# Set the axis range globally
global width
global height
global axrng
global stepsize

# Initial values
width = 500
height = 500
axrng = 10.0
stepsize = (2.0 * axrng) / width

# convert degree to radian
def rad(x):
    return np.pi/180.0 * x

def init():
    # red, green, blue, alpha from 0.0 to 1.0
    glClearColor(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0)

    # (x-left, x-right, y-bottom, y-top) set the coordinate system ranges
    # -1.0 to 1.0 for both x and y, origin(0,0) in the center
    # gluOrtho2D(-5.0, 5.0, -5.0, 5.0)

def plotmathart():

    for x in np.arange(-axrng, axrng, stepsize): # 0.04
        for y in np.arange(-axrng, axrng, stepsize):
            r = np.cos(x) + np.sin(y)
            glColor3f(np.cos(y*r), np.cos(x*y*r), np.sin(r*x))
            glVertex2f(x, y)

# Keep the aspect ratio of the graphics window and
# anything we draw will look in proper proportion
# OpenGL set w and h values as the graphics window's size changes
def reshape(w, h):

    # To insure we don't have a zero widow height
    if h == 0:
        h = 1
# Fill the entire graphic window
    glViewport(0, 0, w, h)

    # Set the projection matrix or the world view

    # Load the identity matrix

    # Set the aspect ratio of the plot
    if w <= h:
        gluOrtho2D(-axrng, axrng, -axrng*h/w, axrng*h/w)
        # gluOrtho2D(-axrng*w/h, axrng*w/h, -axrng, axrng)
        gluOrtho2D(-axrng*h/w, axrng*h/w, -axrng, axrng)

    # Set the matrix for the object we are drawing

def keyboard(key, x, y):
    # Allow to quit by pressing 'Esc' or 'q'
    if ch == chr(27):
    if ch == 'q':

Since we declared the reshape function as the glutReshapeFunc() in def main():
, when the pypolar.py program runs, OpenGL/GLUT assumes that the creatio n of the graphics window constitutes a “reshaping” of the window and the reshape function is automatically called or triggered by GLUT.
def main():
    global width
    global height

    glutInitDisplayMode(GLUT_SINGLE | GLUT_RGB)
    glutInitWindowPosition(100, 100)
    glutInitWindowSize(width, height)
    glutCreateWindow("Math Art Patterns")


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grep reports Binary file xxx matches

Yesterday I ran into weird problem that grep wouldn’t find some functions in C source files, which drove me nut. ‘It can’t be or can it?’ I hardly do C programming and my confidence is low nowdays. I forgot how to create Makefile for building source codes.

I was looking for which source file contains tesselate() function running grep commands and was seeing empty console.

$ grep -n tesselate *.c
Binary file dome_math.c matches

Why couldn’t I think about the message seriouslY? dome_math.c has to be a text file and I knew it.

There was a bug report.
bug#19388: grep 2.21-1 identifies iso encoded text files as binary

Until I test new version of grep, I’ll use -a option to search words in source files.

$ file *.c
3ds_utils.c: C source, ISO-8859 text
dome_3ds.c: C source, ASCII text
dome.c: C source, ASCII text
dome_cover.c: C source, ASCII text
dome_file.c: C source, ASCII text
dome_layout.c: C source, ASCII text
dome_math.c: C source, ISO-8859 text
dome_struts.c: C source, ASCII text
main.c: C source, ASCII text
utils.c: C source, ASCII text

$ grep -a tesselate dome_math.c
static void tesselate1(const Dome *in, Face face, int f, Dome *out,
tesselate(const Dome *in, Dome *out, int f)
tesselate1(in, in->faces[i], f, out, &fcount, could not be a binary file. &vcount, &ecount);
tesselate1(const Dome *in, Face face, int f, Dome *out,
fprintf(stderr, “Internal error: out of faces in tesselate\n”);
fprintf(stderr, “Internal error: out of vertices in tesselate\n”);

$ grep tesselate dome_math.c
Binary file dome_math.c matches

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Building the second dome

I decided to build another dome that shields the dome from water.

The dome model’s radius is around 50 cm.


I got to use 3D Printer and OpenSCAD this time. I consider 3D Printer as a powerful engineering tool that saves a lot of time and resources during the early design stage.

I’m working on geodesic dome generator using OpenSCAD so that I’ll produce plastic parts to build a scaled-down dome model before I will start build the real one.

Dome faces

Dome frames

Source code

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