DIY structured water device


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Tips to reduce on exposure to computer Radiation

My 9 Tips To Cut Down On Exposure To Computer Radiation

The good news is that electric fields can be dealt with fairly easily by grounding your computer equipment

f you have a laptop, consider using an external keyboard and make sure the transformer unit (often a little rectangular box in the cable) is situated at least a few feet from your body. If you have a desktop keep the CPU at least 3 feet away from your body.

There are several solutions. The easiest is usually to replace your wireless installation with a hard-wired Ethernet connection

The best way to minimize laptop radiation is not to use your laptop computer on your lap

sit at least three feet from the screen (not too far to avoid eye strain) – EMF exposures decrease significantly with distance.

some cactus plants have the ability to absorb the electromagnetic radiation coming from the computer. It was actually NASA who discovered this

Himalayan salt crystal lamps release negative ions into the air, thereby creating an effect similar to an ionizer. T

Another issue is the blue light emitted by computer monitors. Harvard Medical School research indicates blue light at night has a harmful effect on your health. Blue light at night has been found to jeopardise hormone production circadian rhythm and can cause photoreceptor damage in your eyes.

Tomatoes, cherries, apples, broccoli, and carrots all contain significant amounts of vitamins A and C. These foods supply your body with the raw materials it needs to create its own natural form of EMF protection.

washing your face after using the computer can remove the radiation that has settled there.

Move these power cords as far away from your feet and legs as possible – even gaining a few feet can make a significant difference.

you only have a 2 pin plug you can ground your laptop or desktop computer by attaching a wire from a metal component (screw or socket) of your computer to the ground terminal on your electricity wall socket. Or you can use an alligator clip on a wire (as in photo), which you then connect to ground by plugging into an electrical socket. Electricity follows the path of least resistance, so doing this will enable EMFs generated by your computer to ground through the wire and not through you.

If you’re not sure if your outlet is properly grounded you can check this easily and inexpensively with an outlet circuit tester .

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Tamron Zoom Macro 1:2.8 lens test

It’s first time of playing with macro lens. The resolution power is amazing.  I’ll definitely try different settings for the macro shooting.

100% crop of the original 6k image_DSC0978-6k-720p

100% crop of half size of the original image_DSC0978-720p

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How big is the 24M image?

I’m still learning about features of Sony A6000.  Shooting in raw mode creates about 24M bytes of ARW files. The image size is 6000 x 3346. Large format of JPEG file has the same size.

My new HP monitor has Full HD resolution, which is 1920 x 1080. I created a composite image to compare Large image and monitor size.  Two images are cropped at 100%.

I’m honestly impressed by the image quality of two vintage lens that costed me total $150. Many vintage lens require M42 adapter.  I think Sony A6000 has opened up huge world of vintage lens market.

MIR-1B 37mm f 2.8, Russia

ASAHI PENTAX TAKUMAR 105mm f/2.8, Japan

I bought a TAMRON ZOOM MACRO 1: 2.8 35 – 80 mm BBAR lens from France after reading the review. I’ll get it within two weeks.


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Blue flower, a cat, and a dog


f/8, 0.0050(1/200), ISO 100

f/8, 0.0003(1/4000), ISO 100

f/8, 0.0004(1/2500), ISO 100

Level adjustment is done by GIMP.

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I got a 105 mm f/2.8 prime lens

The lens is ASAHI PENTAX TAKUMAR 105mm f/2.8, M42 mount. I bought it from an eBay seller in Japan.

24M Mar 11 09:40 DSC00374.ARW
28M Mar 11 09:56 DSC00374.png
35M Mar 11 10:55 DSC00374-M.png

I created a 6k (6024×4024) image using ufraw, then loaded it to GIMP to do simple color correction and exported it to 4k image.

Ran the following Imagemagik command to crop.
$ convert DSC00374-M.png -crop 1345×1530+1400+316 watch-m0.jpg

f/4, 1/30s, ISO 800, two florescent bulbs on the ceiling.

Large JPEG image by Sony A6000
5.5M Mar 11 09:40 DSC00374.JPG

Medium JPEG image by Sony A6000

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How to change default menu in Grub2

Hibernation and resume resets the default menu.  Below method does not work.

When the system boots, grub show the boot menu.

Debian GNU/Linux
Advanced options for Debian GNU/Linux

Select Advanced options for Debian GNU/Linux shows six submenus.

Debian GNU/Linux, with Linux 4.9.0-0.bpo.1-amd64
Debian GNU/Linux, with Linux 4.9.0-0.bpo.1-amd64 (recovery mode)
Debian GNU/Linux, with Linux 4.8.0-0.bpo.2-amd64
Debian GNU/Linux, with Linux 4.8.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 (recovery mode)
Debian GNU/Linux, with Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64
Debian GNU/Linux, with Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 (recovery mode)

The submenu indices are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 from the top.  Grub selects 0 as default boot image.  To make other boot image as default, run grub-reboot command and reboot as super user.

I wanted to boot Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64.

$ sudo grub-reboot '1>4'
$ sudo reboot
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