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Why I haven’t dated with a girl seriously?

This is my honest answer to the girl I just dated for one hour. Maybe I meet her again, have more memorable time together someday who knows.  It’s uncertain because everyday I wake up in the morning I have two days to live. It sounds strange but it’s how I perceive and do for the living for many years.

Lovely, beautiful people come and go. I’d rather not to control or influence over others’ lives. Why should I! My understanding of loving somebody is to give freedom at any cost which is challenging in every moment.

About ten years ago when I was middle of 30s, I met a beautiful, energetic girl that crashed on me freaking hard.  Coworkers and neighborhoods expected for us to be a nice couple. But for the whole period, about half year, I never had a sex or kissed her. Why did I do such strange action?  Honestly while I was dating with her almost every few days per week, I discovered intoxicating, deadly beauty of female being, living, breathing, complicated, unpredictable universe. I was so afraid of being consumed by beauty and pleasure from her and it had made sleepless nights by myself to suppress the desire and feeling towards her.

Long story to short, I chose my career instead being a boyfriend with her in indefinite time. I would probably live with her and have a child. When a guy and a girl love each other, they wanna have a baby unless both of them are crazy and eccentric.

Sexual love and pleasure are tricky to understand.  Anytime the pleasure takes over, it could change the human being in undesirable way.  Human being is such a crazy animal that would put one’s dear life for the instant pleasure. I’ve been there many times.  Somehow I’ve managed not to have a single broken bone over the past twenty wild years. I still enjoy riding a sportbike that moves three digit over the speed limit on public road periodically. While I’m riding a sportbike in high speed, I can forget the complicated, fucked up reality around me. The existence itself simply becomes so clear “One tiny mistake or unfortunate event would trigger a big disaster either being road kill by traffic accident, a patient who need life-time medical care for the life time.”

Few years ago I decided to use my crazy personality, die-trying spirit for the good purpose.

Wish you best, sweetie. And Good night, sweet dream!

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How to do valve clearance check

2004 – 2006 Yamaha R1

I gotta do the valve clearance check before 42,000 km by myself.

I was going to get it done at a motorcycle repair shop but the mechanic’s arrogant attitude and lack of experience forced me to do it sooner or later.



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How to create a circle in GIMP

Ellipse Select: make a circle

Select > Border: enter the width

Edit > Fill with FG Color


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Replacement of front / rear brake lines

I decided to replace the nine years old brake lines due to safety and performance for the R1 bike. Meshed brake line does not have braking force reduction due to expansion of the rubber line under high braking.  I ordered Galfer Stainless steel front / rear brake line kits  on eBay.

I was surprised because these were Made In USA.  The upper is front brake lines, the lower is rear brake line. Again the kit does not have the installation instruction.


I bought 30cc syringe and 10cc syringe, 30cm of rubber tube to use the reverse bleeding technique of brake fluid.

Front brake line replacement


DOT4 brake fluid

Brake fluid cleaner

Front brake line kit: two meshed brake lines, one long union bolt, two short union bolt, six copper washers


Philips screw driver – brake fluid reservoir cap

8 mm wrench – bleeder screw

6 mm hex key – union (banzo) bolt on the caliper

5 mm hex key

14 mm wrench, 14 mm socket – union bolt in the kit

3/8in ratchet wrench

wire cutter

ziptie x10

A bucket of clean water with rag

First version of brake fluid pump:

30cc syringe, ziptie, tube whose inner diameter is 6 mm.

6 mm hex key for the union bolt


The front brake line assembly is one piece that the Y connector fuses three brake lines.


The leakage of brake fluid at the bleed screw was too much, I ended up spending two hours to bleed the front brake system using the conventional technique written on service manual:

  • Tight the bleed screw on the caliper
  • Squeeze brake lever four to five times and hold it
  • Loose the bleed screw on the caliper, let the fluid comes for few seconds then tight
  • Repeat above steps till there is no air bubble



The right brake line is on the bottom.

The brake lines are facing same direction. It’s right way.


Wrong way 20170511_0157


Rear brake line replacement

This time I used clear tube whose inner diameter is 6 mm. After loosening the bleed screw, secured the tube with ziptie. I drained brake fluid in the system before I removed the old brake line.

8mm wrench failed to loose the bleeder screw instead it damaged it. I had to use a small vise-grip which looked absurd because I got the brake fluid replacement from a bike shop few weeks ago.


The rear foot peg mount bolts were really tight. I used 6mm hex key I bought, axle nut wrench, and extension handle in Yamaha tool kit to loose.

I did not leave any scratch mark on the frame so I put a package envelope behind the rear foot peg when I was to loose the union bolt of master cylinder.

I used 5mm hex key and flat screw driver to disconnect the brake line.

Setup for the reverse bleeding of brake fluid

I connected 50cm of clear tube to 30cc syringe as a pump, temporarily mounted it on the reflector bracket using a ziptie. Then insert brake fluid using 10cc syringe in multiple times until the tube and syringe is filled with brake fluid.


To get rid of air inside the tube, squeeze the tube with thumb and index fingers. The brake fluid would flow through eventually and remove any air pocket.


The volume of brake fluid in the pump is bigger than the rear brake system. I was slowly pushing the pusher of syringe while watching the level of reservoir to prevent overflow of the fluid.  I did remove the fluid using 10cc syringe two or three times. Once there was no air bubble in the reservoir, I stopped reverse bleeding. And I did the conventional bleeding for about ten minutes.


Cleaning brake fluid

Brake fluid cleaner, water.

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Good foods that helps brain health

Memory Boosting Superfoods That Fight Alzheimer’s

The MIND diet recommends frequent servings of green leafy vegetables. Kale, spinach, broccoli, collards and other greens are packed with vitamins A and C and other nutrients. At least two servings a week can help, and researchers found six or more servings a week provide the greatest brain benefits.

Nuts are a good snack for brain health, according to the MIND diet study. Nuts contain healthy fats, fiber and antioxidants, and other studies have found they can help lower bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. The MIND diet recommends eating nuts at least five times a week.

The MIND diet recommends eating berries at least twice a week.

eating beans three times a week to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Whole grains are a key component of the MIND diet. It recommends at least three servings a day.

Fish the MIND diet says once a week is enough.

Poultry is another part of a brain-healthy eating plan, according to the MIND diet. It recommends two or more servings a week.

Olive oil beat out other forms of cooking oil and fats in the MIND diet. The researchers found people who used olive oil as their primary oil at home saw greater protection against cognitive decline.


Food to avoid

Red meat
Butter and margarine < 1 spoon per day
Cheese < 1 per week
Patries and sweets < 5 per week
Fried foods and fast food

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Brutal honesty is to write a private journal

It becomes seventeen years of riding bikes by coming September 2017. For the first two years I had gotten three accidents. Since then for 15 years, I have been riding near accident free.

The latest accident was on a gas station parking lot when the Daerim Citi’s front wheel got into a narrow channel in late fall 2016. It was a minor fall that did not cause any damage to the bike nor my body except small scratch on the full-face helmet.

People say “Starting is the hardest thing to do.” But I completely disagree with it. In reality, starting is the easiest thing to do. Anybody can start something in one’s mind.

Except few exceptional individuals who find their destiny in childhood, just to find something that gives meaning or accomplishment is challenging. Most people are slowly assimilated by corrupted, absurd, and twisted society, then later on being wasted, turns into the Living Deads.

Why I still ride the ten year old R1? Maybe because I’m still single. The world is so fucked up place and I need to forget everything once in a while. I might say riding bike is an effective, natural painkiller that the evolution gives to human.

Riding a fast bike, the world becomes so clear and simple. Every decision or stupid mistake done by me or others affects my dear life. The sense of control over me gives the feeling of freedom.

I need to buy new notebook soon for writing new chapters on the bike journal.

– 1978 Honda CX500 Deluxe –

09/09/2001 1st ride

From garage to the parking lot
Start: Broadview Ave. & Queen St. East
End: King St. West & Dufferin (Home)
Stalled several


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