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Pipe cloth hanger


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Convert a JPEG image to STL file

Start the Inkscape (0.92) Select [File > Open] menu Choose a JPEG image file and click. On the pop-up window, choose the following values: Image Import Type: Embed Image DPI: From file Image Rendering Mode: None After the image is … Continue reading

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Windows outperforms Linux in OpenSCAD?

Hmm… it’s very interesting! Should I change the title? Result of Devuan 64 bit system: AMD FX-6100, 8 G memory, Radeon 3000 OpenSCAD version 2017.02.11.nightly 2/13/2017 I built a graphic workstation lately: – Intel Core i5, Skylake – DDR4 32G … Continue reading

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Turners cube

Designer: Learn FreeCADLearn FreeCAD Dimension: 100 x 100 x 100 mm Filament: PLA+ Temperature: 205 degrees Layer height: 0.25 mm Printing time: about 20 hours Post processing: one hour OpenSCAD,  Blender, FreeCAD This was the first FreeCAD 3D model I … Continue reading

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Installation B-struder

Having a reliable extruder is key to quality printing. I’ve run into four extruders that gave nasty operational problems on Steel Fisher. B’Struder: Universal Bowden 1.75mm Extruder http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:711401 I call it B-struder beta for Steel Fisher. Stepper motor plate – … Continue reading

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Book shelves

(2016/10/15) I added 3D printed caps. The cap design file is here The 1st model was obscure. Later on I thought simply creating a cube with a cylinder would be sufficient.   The right side of drawing was for the … Continue reading

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Building the second dome

I decided to build another dome that shields the dome from water. The dome model’s radius is around 50 cm. Geodome I got to use 3D Printer and OpenSCAD this time. I consider 3D Printer as a powerful engineering tool … Continue reading

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Accessing vector element

OpenSCAD does not support manipulate variables like Python or other programming languages yet. Or I haven’t found how to do it. Output

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Printed Colemak keyboard

Now I have a real Colemak keyboard.  How many years it has taken? I used the key cap generator. Parametric Cherry MX/Alps Keycap for Mechanical Keyboards http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:468651 I created a short module that creates a key cap per letter. Filament: … Continue reading

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Installing FreeCAD from Ubuntu PPA repository

I wanted to know how new version of FreeCAD handles DXF file. FreeCAD v0.14 can’t load circle entity properly from DXF file. FreeCAD v0.15 still has the incomplete DXF import. I built a RepRapPro Fisher 3D Printer. The company, RepRapPro … Continue reading

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