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Reverse Bleeding Clutch or Brakes On Motorcycle

This method will save time and money. Special tool: DIY pressure pump – big syringe, clear tube, right angle connector

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The cost of 2006 Yamaha R1 Ownership for 9 years

It will be exactly 10 years riding a 2006 Yamaha R1 SPV. Strong wind during bad weather knocked it off twice, I dropped it gently on the gravel parking lot in stand still. These three drops developed tiny crakcs on … Continue reading

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The surreal beauty in a hell

I stopped questioning “Why!” since I accepted man-made world is a manufactured hell. It’s a disturbing fact but better take it as is to suppress my insanity level under control. It’s heading to middle of Spring. The life is exploding … Continue reading

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Home-made desk upgrade

Link of the design file is here.

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Bookshelf speaker stand

Chario Reference 100 The design file is here.

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Reduce the volume of telephone ring

Diconect one wire on the speaker, solder 1 kOhm resistor. It reduces loud sound of the telephone ring. ^^

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Computer setup to reduce electromagnetic radiation

I decided to reduce electromagnetic radiation from computers and other devices in my workspace. Here is what I have: Desktop PC x2 LCD monitor x2 Laser printer x1 130W amplifier x1 Step-down transformer x1 I roughly designed a rack which … Continue reading

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