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How to set up default browser in LXQt?

Click the application menu icon at the left bottom corner. Click the submenus in following order. Preferences > LXQt Settings > Session Settings Click Environment (Advanced) menu Set BROWSER variable to brave-browser (the execute file of Brave browser in my … Continue reading

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How to turn off desktop switching by Alt + mouse wheel

I’m running LXQt Desktop Environment. And I use openbox as the window manager. I ran into a problem. When I press Alt key and turning mouse wheel in Blender to execute a function of an addon, Alt + mouse wheel … Continue reading

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Screencast-Keys v3.8 supports Blender 3.x

I’m running Blender 3.2.1. The addon download link is Installation instruction is below.

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Unitool UT6016 torque wrench calibration

3mm allen key to adjust the spring a luggage scale to measure force.   Distance: 14.96inch (380mm) Final measurement Force reading: 40.14 lb T = 40.14 x 14.96 / 12.00   = 50.0412 I did use the following instruction. But, one thing … Continue reading

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2007 Honda Civic 2.0 maintenance log

// 175,000 km 8/6/2022 engine filter and oil replacement, 50,000 KRW // 171,490 km 9/4/2021tire replacementContinental Viking, 4 seasons x4236,200₩ + 80,000₩ replaced front right fog light10,000₩ 168,331 km 4/14/2021applied Super Lube to all door hinges, window slides, and sun … Continue reading

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How to RESTORE your headlights for $10! Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit is the BEST!

I’m going to try it on my car soon.

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Electric power generator that runs by itself.

(WIP) When I heard about Free Energy, I was skeptical in the beginning. At that time I did not know overall framework of laws and theories in physics. The energy conservation law is based on closed system. It’s impossible to … Continue reading

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Battery replacement of an old UPS

I recently got an old UPS manufactured in 2007. It had two original batteries rated 12V, 7.2AH. Voltage of the batteries were below 1.0 V. Battery recondition did not work out. I learned that a domestic battery company sells UPS … Continue reading

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My Judo injury logbook

7/6/2022 over extension of rib cage muscle, right side. submission randori 8/2/2022 It was on Tuesday. I went to the gym and practiced one hour. I’m back to Judo practice!

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