Your Private Sky
R.Buckminster Fuller
Edited by Joachim Krausse, Claude Lichtenstein, 1999


Earthbag Building, Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer, 2004

Earthship Volume I, Michael Reynolds, 1990

Newton’s Principia, The Central Argument, Dana Densmore, William H. Donahue, 3rd Edition, 2010

K2: Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain, Ed Viesturs, David Roberts, 2009

Lucid Dreaming, Stephen LaBerge

Morphic Resonance, Rupert Sheldrake, 2009

Precalculus Mathmatics In a Nutshells, George F. Simmons, 2003

The Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill & David Talbott, 2007

Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets: Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illuminated, Tom Van Flandern

Seeing Red: Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Science, Halton Arp

Critical Path, R. Buckminster Fuller, 1982

Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats, 2001

The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming, Masanobu Fukuoka, 1975
(Translated from the Japanese by Chris Pearce, Tsune Kurosawa and Larry Korn
Originally published in Japan as Shizen Noho Wara Ippon No Kakumei)

COEVOLUTION, Alec Newald, 2011

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