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Screencast Keys add-on

Blender 2.78 Download the Add-on file Install the Add-on. [File] > [User Preferences] > [Add-ons] > [Install from File…] In 3D View window, press N to open the properties panel. Click Screencast Keys menu. Set up size of text, … Continue reading

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Printer stand modeling

This was my first attempt to use Blender as real modeling tool. I built the printer stand on August, 2014. I used default Blender unit as dimension of all objects. One unit is equal to 1 mm. I created all … Continue reading

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How to make mirror effect on object in Blender?

The bearing modeling at millimeter unit is done. But I missed some options that make mirror effects on objects in Blender. I’m going to work through the blender file that creates the following image. 09/27/2014 Simple cube object seems to … Continue reading

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Two features that help precision modeling in Blender 2.6x

How precision and unit work? Most buildings and houses are few centimeters off from design specification that is acceptable error. Furniture and door / window frame are few milliliters off. How many experts in trade know how to construct the … Continue reading

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Length and angle measurement in Blender 2.6x

I gonna test the features. Blender 2.66 r55116 3D Ruler & Protractor Tutorial First ruler: Click with the LMB on the first place and drag to the second place. Ctrl + LMB to create a new ruler. Ctrl while drag … Continue reading

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Using Blender as geodesic dome designing tool?

I bought DomeMaker Pro while ago to test on Windows XP. I use VirtualBox in Debian Wheezy to learn Windows program. Later on I learned that there is Blender plugin that importss DFX file format. Blender screen shot Rendered image

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Candle modeling

Title: Candle Blender: Version 2.6X Author: Neal Hirsig ( It makes flame by using Particle System for animation.

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