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2007 Honda Civic 3D model

Since I was introduced to 3D printing technology few years ago, I eagerly wanted to have ability of realistic 3D modeling. I use OpenSCAD to create functional 3D models most of time. I had to choose one 3D modeling software … Continue reading

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How to show object’s name on 3D viewport in Blender?

Select the object on 3D viewport.Go to the object property on right-side control panel.Select the Viewport display menuClick Name in Show submenu. On the above example, the name of a line object is ‘Top of dome’. This name tagis showed … Continue reading

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Full Guide to the Guide Mesh

I took the online course, Master Car Creation by Chris Plush (https://cgmasters.net/training-courses/master-car-creation-in-blender/) The course material was 52 GB and there was one PDF file which explains the core technique of Guide Mesh. I upload content of the PDF file as … Continue reading

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Start small, plan big.

First 3D model I created using OpenSCAD in 2015. A military vehicle I created using Blender 2.83. I invested over 800 hours to learn and improve my 3D modeling skill in Blender for the past three months. It’s been grinding, … Continue reading

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Can I reuse disposable mask multiple times?

I think so.  I learned that Wuhan cornonavirus (COVID-19) can live up to nine days on non-organic surface. In South Korea to handle the shortage of mask, the government directly controls mask distribution for whole region. Each resident is allow … Continue reading

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Painting work on a 3D printed model

Applied body filler over the entire surface to remove any holes. It was second application I think. Applied a primer paint but it did not fill the holes completely. I need to sand and spray primer multiple times including the … Continue reading

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It’s a man.

It was the second work of 3D reconstruction using one face photo. An old businessman that I’ve known rented me a fourty some years old photo to me. I scanned the photo to create a photo image file at 600 … Continue reading

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Windows outperforms Linux in OpenSCAD?

Hmm… it’s very interesting! Should I change the title? Result of Devuan 64 bit system: AMD FX-6100, 8 G memory, Radeon 3000 OpenSCAD version 2017.02.11.nightly 2/13/2017 I built a graphic workstation lately: – Intel Core i5, Skylake – DDR4 32G … Continue reading

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Installing FreeCAD from Ubuntu PPA repository

I wanted to know how new version of FreeCAD handles DXF file. FreeCAD v0.14 can’t load circle entity properly from DXF file. FreeCAD v0.15 still has the incomplete DXF import. I built a RepRapPro Fisher 3D Printer. The company, RepRapPro … Continue reading

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Making a 3D model from photos – 3D scanner

I have Debian 64 bit workstation. It has AMD FX 6100, Six core processor, 8 GB of memory. Maximum temperature is 70C. Yesterday I noticed the processor temperature went up to 90C while VisualSFM was running. This is a red … Continue reading

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