Power meter



Single plug socket x1
Circuit breaker x1
Plug with three wires x1
Two wires, 30 cm
Power meter x1
Wood piece x1
50 mm screw x6
20 mm Short screw x2
Zip-tie x2

(I used a AC 80-260V 100A BAYITE-PZEM-061 by bayite.)


Philips drive
Wire cutter

Testing 60W light bulb’s power


Input voltage: 229 V
Input current: 0.25 A AC
Power measurement: 56.6 W

Steel Fisher 3D Printer

I was literally shocked in good sense because the power consumption of Steel Fisher is less than a medium light bulb. This would give me advantage of running a 3D farmer. Five Steel Fishers’ power consumption is about 250 W!

Idle mode: 6.6 W

Printing mode: 41.0 W to 38.5 W
The maxium power consumption was about 60 W when the hotend was turned on after the printing started.


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