Making a 3D model from photos – 3D scanner

I have Debian 64 bit workstation. It has AMD FX 6100, Six core processor, 8 GB of memory. Maximum temperature is 70C. Yesterday I noticed the processor temperature went up to 90C while VisualSFM was running. This is a red sign of potential system failure.

I got to decided building a headless workstation that has more processing power or installing a liquid cooler.

I spent two days to set up VisualSFM from source codes and to learn about Meshlab, and other related software. Again I hit the wall few times while I was building essential libraries that VisualSFM use.



My prototype 3D scanner will have basic parts:
– Nikon D200 DSLR camera

For big objects
– Tripod
– Protractor
– Casio scientific calculator
– Tape measure
– Laser level (option)

Small objects
– turn table x1
– stepper motor x1
– Raspberry Pi 2 x1
– light box

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