Two days of bike tour to Homigot












Homigot is the first place along the east cost where sun light arrives during sunrise in South Korea. There are famous statues of big hand that align with morning sun in straight line.
Sunrise at Homigot

I got unexpected call a riding buddy few days ago saying he would go for a two-day of bike tour with other two riders. After contemplating about the trip, I decided to join him. Since the buddy sold his Suzuki Hayabusa year and half ago, I stopped going bike tour because I hadn’t found a decent rider whose riding style matches me.

Also outrageous, such absurd situation of motorcycle environment in South Korea discouraged me a causal bike tour alone. The traffic laws related to motorcycle is one hundred years behind developed countries: Motorcycle Prohibition law in highway, Automobile Only Road sections in public road all over the country, designated lane law. Fuel cost is five times higher than North America. Auto insurance company doesn’t provide fire/theft and full coverage on motorcycle. Most veteran riders hardly know about staggering formation, safe positions on lane, and how to do hand signals.

The Korean Police and government agencies are ignorant about safety and life of riders because they are the ones which created living hell for few millions of riders over four decades.

Travel distance of this tour was 650 km which I used to do in a day back from late morning till before sunset in Canada. Funny thing is drivers and riders in Korea also call stupid traffic cops who issue speeding tickets as “The dung flies” or “The Pigs.” Corrupted governments use outdated, nonsensical traffic laws to steal money from general public as indirect taxation over a decade in the world. Rather than overhauling problematic traffic laws and road management system, the government always create another absurd law continually. And dumbed down vehicle operators just accept such laws as is without questioning.

The difference between developed and third world country is level of citizen’s safety. Except it life is cheap and all citizens are expandable. End of my rant is here.

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