I sold the wings.

I felt it’s too luxury  for me to skydive and ride R1.  I sold my parachute I had been carrying with for fifteen years yesterday at 700,000.00 KRW.  I would not know whether I’ll jump again or not at the moment.

Years ago when I was middle of 20s, I needed to find something meaningful that fill the empty, hollow, and repetitive way of living. One day while I was laying down, I saw a bird on the ceiling.  ‘Hmm, what will be the feeling of flying in the sky like a bird?’ Within few weeks of the weird event, I became a student of Korea Skydiving School to learn how to do free fall and pilot parachute.

I have a skydiving license, KPA/FAI (Korea Parachute Association) A-30 issued on 1998.

Anyang Aero Sports School, China, 5/13/1997 to 5/17/1997, 1 to 13

The students and experienced jumpers traveled to a drop zone in mainland China, called Anyang.  My first jump date was on 5/13/1997, static line, aircraft was AN-2, exit altitude was 4,500 ft, parachute was PD260.

I had unfortunate accident during the final landing. I injured the right leg below knee. The injury forced me not to jump and took few weeks to get fully recovered.

Misaree, South Korea, 5/25/1997 to 7/05/1998, Dolphin helicopter, 14 to 32

14th jump was the first jump in Korea: 5/25/1997, Freefall delay 10s, PD260, Dolphin, 5,500ft.

32th jump: 7/05/1998, 25s, PD190, Dolphin, 8,000ft

I bought brand new parachute: PD190 and reserved canopy, Vector III container, Cypress.

Skydive Atlanta, Thomaston, GA, U.S, 7/28/1998 to, 33 to 42

33th jump: 7/28/1998 to 8/30/1998, Thomaston, GA, 30s, Strong Tandem, C-182, 10,000ft

It was a tandem jump with Erik Johnson who was to work as a tandem instructor.

Skydive City, Zephrhills, FL, U.S, 10/30/1998 to 11/08/1998, 43 to 72

Dundas, ON, Canada, 9/23/2001 to 9/29/2001, 73 to 74, C-182

Baldwin, ON, Canada,  8/16/2003 to 9/05/2003, 75 to 79, C-206

CSPA#: 10730

Niagara Skydive Centre, Dunnville, ON, Canada, 9/07/2003, 80 to 81, King Air

Atlanta Skydiving Center, Cedartown, GA, U.S, 7/5/2007, 82 to 83, Twin Otter

83th jump was the last jump I made. 7/5/2007, PD190, 14,000ft,

Total time to date: 58m 02s

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