Electric heating element – Kanthal A1 Wire


Step 1Tools, materials and cost

angle grinder
1cm diameter wood dowel
pliers, screwdrivers etc.
Google Sketch-Up
metal file
papercups and stick

16 firebricks (for this design, your might need a different number)
1 small pack (1kg) of refractory mortar
4m stell “L” bars from metal shelves
nuts and bolts
stone-wool insulation
some old computer cases (or any other sort of metal sheet)
Kanthal A1 Wire : 12 meters in my case.
metal wire.
3 (at least) ceramic whire couplers
electric wire and plug (rated 20Amps)

20 euros for the bricks and stone-wool
25 euros for the steel bars, nuts, bolts, anglegrinder disks
20 euros for the Kanthal A1 wire and electic stuff
0 for the metal plates
10 euros for the fire refractory mortar

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