Using Blender as geodesic dome designing tool?

I bought DomeMaker Pro while ago to test on Windows XP. I use VirtualBox in Debian Wheezy to learn Windows program.

Later on I learned that there is Blender plugin that importss DFX file format.

Blender screen shot

Rendered image


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Floor radius formula of 3V 5/8 Icosa dome

Geodesic math and how to use it, Hugh Kenner, p102 – p103
angle x = 180 – theta
angle y = 180 – 90 – x
= 180 – 90 – (180 – theta)
= theta – 90
p = sin(y)
= sin(theta – 90)
= – cos(theta)

zenith altitude = r + p
= r – cos(theta)

floor radius = cos(y)
= cos(theta – 90)
= sin(theta)

altitude = r – cos(theta) [Eq. 14.3]
floor radius = r x sin(theta) [Eq. 14.4]

The author always leave behind the real answer as usual. I suspect the author ever built a real dome by himself all due respect. Because the book contains not a single dome photo or full dome data. It is considered a bible for Geodesic Dome mathematics but lack of practical example and obscure explanation of major formulas make the reader how to follow.

What I need to know is value of theta for getting floor radius. But the author again doesn’t explain how to find theta here.

Below is how I calculated the theta to get the floor radius on frequency three 5/8 icosahedron dome.
The image is generated by Geodome. It divides radius 9 even segment and uses 6 of them to construct dome.

The middle point of vertical line, diameter of the dome, is center of the circle and radius is half of the diameter. I assumed the length of diameter as 9 units. Half of 9 is 4.5.
I could make a right angle triangle whose hypotenuse is radius of the circle. The base of triangle is floor radius of the dome. The height is 1.5 units.

Apply Pythagoras theorem to find the base,
4.5^2 = 1.5^2 + x^2
x^2 = (20.25 – 2.25)
x = 4.2426

Apply arcsin or arccos to find the angle Phi,
Phi = arcsin(1.5/4.5) gives 19.471 degrees.

Another method is to simple variable manipulation of r.
Let r represents hypotenuse of the right angle triangle and radius of the circle.
Then the height of the triangle becomes one third of r. The radius is evenly divided by 9 segments.
Apply sine angle formula on Phi,
sin(Phi) = (1/3) x r / r
= 1/3
Phi = arcsin(1/3)
= 19.471 degrees

I can use the angle of Phi for any size of 3v 5/9 icosa dome generated by Geodome to find floor raidus.
And it makes me calculate the radius of dome with a floor radius. Because floor radius is dictates usable floor area of real size dome.

Floor area = Pi x (floor radius)^2

There are two examples.
When the floor radius, x is 20 cm, applying simple cosine angle law gives radius of dome.
20 = r x cos(Phi)
r = 20 / cos(phi)
= 20 / cos(19.471)
= 20 / 0.9428
= 21.21 (cm)

If the floor radius is 200 cm, the dome radius is 212.13 cm.
r = 200 / 0.9428
= 212.13 cm

I set radius of the real size dome as 213 cm, which I will start cutting lumbers soon.

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Bob Beck Lecture – Take Back Your Power, 1997

The Lecture paper

The Beck Protocol

Schematic for how to build your own Bob Beck Blood Electrification Unit

The Beck Protocol Handbook. PDF version

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DIY Motorcycle tank knee pads

According to Keith Code, good ride should use whole body parts to get the desire control over bike whichever situation it faces on the road. I think conscious street bikers need to learn and practice advanced riding techniques of professional racers too. Why shouldn’t we? Because statistics tell accident rate of street riding is higher than motorcycle racing in close circuits. I try to be alert and maintain focus while I ride bike. The roads are covered with white accident marks. Honestly speaking the public roads are war zone.

When the rider encounters unexpected, dangerous situation, quick reaction within one or two seconds decide hell and heaven. It is so crucial and thin fine line. Suppose the rider’s decision is right in a dangerous situation, slow reaction time will trigger unfortunate accident. Fewer than two meters of breaking distance or thirty centimeters space from the adjacent car can save accident.

Can you apply full braking without locking up front wheel?
Can you instantly change direction left or right less than half second?

Motorcycle tank knee pads provide extra friction that knees can hold. All road racing motorcycles have tank knee pads nowadays. There is wide range of price. Using knees to have precise control of motorcycle is definitely beneficial. During hard brake squeezing the gas tank with knees reduces sudden weight shift to the front. Lifting the butt on bumpy surface lowers the center of gravity to the foot pegs. It provides good stability.

30cm Straight
Utility knife
clean rag

Transparent silicon plastic sheet, 5mm of thickness
3M double side tape

Make two triangles for both sides.
Cut the tape and make six pieces of rectangular.
Attach three rectangular tapes to each triangle, then put it on the side of tank.

Open question:
How long the tape holds?


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Journal of 2014/04/11

I spent yesterday to build this metal table top for the mini table saw kit. It was an indeed upgrade. Now I can cut small piece of metal or wood below 1 mm precision. The hole of metal table is big enough to replace three types of blade.





The metal connectors of real size dome’s strut. It has 2 mm of thickness, 20 mm of width, 75 to 74.5 mm length.

I dislike working on metals because of it generates too much heat and noise. I will need to get a pair of workgloves before I start cutting 420+ metal connectors.

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NASA Shuts Down Public ISS Cams Due To Amount of UFO Sightings … FOR THE VATICANS’ RAPTURE

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:






This image was released by the Brasilia Planetarium recently and shows a massive disc shaped object stationed above the Earth. The disc is estimated to be around 3-5 thousand miles in diameter. Is it a Mothership ?

If you look at the bottom left of the image you can see a cloud formation passing over the top of the anomaly, this indicates that the object is not a projection onto the earth.



So many images of galactic craft have been downloaded by the public from NASA that they no longer can allow it to happen by chance. There are so many ships out there now that it’s unavoidable.

They installed two 17 million dollar HD cams to earn money using the ISS to sell satellite photos. Yes, NASA says they will shut down the live public cams due to budget cuts, even…

View original 245 more words

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The ultimate DIY disc wheel cover how-to thread.

By undertheradar

Lucky for me, here in SoCal, a quick search led me to a place in Anaheim called Industrial Plastic Supply. Not only did they have .040 thickness ABS sheets, they can also cut to size. Odd sizes are more expensive, but after measuring my 30mm deep training wheels, I figured out a disc with a diameter of 23″ would be perfect. The best part? It was cheap. Like $13 a piece cheap. So I placed an order with Miguel (great guy) and the next day they were ready for pick up.

So lets get started.
Here is a list of things you’ll need.
ABS discs
ABS Cement
Sharp cutting tool
Straight edge
Painters tape

Here’s the discs after I picked them up:

Original post is here

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