The vision


Affordable off-grid house that provides power year round. Michael Reynolds’ Earthship is a fine example. Michael Reynolds uses thermal mass to maintain and store heat energy year round, which is ingenious property Nature provides everywhere all the time.

Building energy-efficient, organic house reduces the cost of construction between 1/5th up to 1/20th compared to conventional house. For instance, Earthbag house has been gaining popularity in Permaculture community for decades. It’s a proven technology, extremely low cost, and easy to build by common folks. One downside is it demands heavy lifting of earth.

Food production

Natural farming eliminates usage of pesticides, herbicides that literally poison food we eat and environment we share with. It prohibits absurd monocropping that’s against what Nature does. Monocropping is the major cause of massive scale of environmental destruction by agriculture over thousands years in history. It has also inevitable, potential food shortage due to climate change at regional or global scale. Permaculture encompasses resource management, shelter, energy production and natural farming.

Free Energy

Electric power generators that produce clean, safe, and reliable electricity without any destructive side effect. Someone who has true intelligence with open mind will lead to the reality of Free Energy after studying alternative theories in physics. I list some:
Introduction to Mechanodynamics, Ph. M. Kanarev
The Foundation of Physchemistry of Microworld (*), Ph. M. Kanarev
Subquantum Kinetics (*), Paul A. LaViolette
Viktor Schauberger’s implosion theory – Living Energies, Callum Coats
(*): requires advanced mathematics and strong background of physics to fully understand the content.

Natural human’s rights

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