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Video color correction using ffmpeg, GIMP, ImageMagick

Excerpt from Openshot Users Forum Yes you will and up with 1000’s of temp jpg files but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Computer does all the work while you are out doing something else. Below are two bash … Continue reading

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Working with subtitles (create, edit, embed) in Linux

(7/8/2013;) Subtitling with Linux Tutorial by Rob Homsi covers how to do subtitle work in Linux thoroughly. How couldn’t I see it before? 😦 (6/22/2013;) The article is four year old though. Install the subtitle editor, package name is subtitleeditor … Continue reading

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Video editing force me to get new system. Sigh!

For last few days I spent many hours to learn about video editing in GNU/Linux. GoPro HD Hero2 camera produces big MP4 files. For example 25 minutes of video file is around 2.3 GB at 1280×960 (default) resolution. I was … Continue reading

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Learning Cinelerra

Installation For more information of Cinelerra, check the website. $ sudo aptitude install cinelerra-cv The following NEW packages will be installed: cinelerra-cv cinelerra-cv-data{a} libmpeg3-1{a} libmpeg3hv-1.5.0-1{a} libquicktimehv-1.6.0-1{a} mpeg3-utils{a} ttf-bitstream-vera{a} 0 packages upgraded, 7 newly installed, 0 to remove and 11 not … Continue reading

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How to prevent CPU overheating?

While I was encoding a MPEG4 video file to avi using avidemux, the cpu temperature climbed over 120 degrees Celsius, then it shut down the system. I followed the instruction of “How to use cpufrequtils” to set the maximum cpu … Continue reading

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