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Bulbul Junior 3D Printer operation log – Day 9

(3/14/2015) Joint of the diagonal rod kept falling one after another. It really pisses me off and I’m paying high price for innocent, naive mistake I did to use a cheap plastic glue for the diagonal rod assembly. The metal … Continue reading

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How to make a solid plaster cast from your clay sculpture.

Source Working in Plaster!!!! In this section I show you how to make a solid plaster cast from your clay sculpture. In the pictures below I show you the bicep sculpture alone, by itself, not on a bodycast or mannequin. … Continue reading

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Plaster molds

Source Plaster and Molds Part 2 This is the second in a series of 3 tips on Plaster and Molds. The last tip was on mixing and pouring plaster. Tip #45 Ways to Use Plaster Molds MOLD RELEASE First it … Continue reading

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