Broken love that destroys another human.

If a man or a woman expect for you to worship or devotion from you, end the relationship as quickly as you can. Such people are blinded by broken love.

The feeling of love and pleasure, intimacy between man and woman are so addictive, electrifying during romantic relationship. Both parties promise each other and make life-changing plans together such as marriage. Everything would be fine, tomorrow would be joyful, lovely, and excitement.

But one party’s behavior starts to change suddenly. The frequency of communication, level of enthusiasm are reduced. One day the communication is terminated and the other party would have lived in darkness for months or even years.

Being innocent or having invested so many time and energy to the person, the other party delays the decision of ending relationship and move on.

Going back to lonely life as a single is scary and the fading hope of getting back the loved one still exists. Even a man like me who thinks crying is luxury emotion, ending relationship with a girlfriend is reluctant and painful experience.

Being honest, compatible each other, and share similar interests and lifestyle do not guarantee long-term relationship if the partner is believer of broken love and selfish.

Broken woman or man think their partner should tolerate or love them whatever action they do because that’s their broken version of love. Demanding explanation about lie or disappearance triggers mistrust and hate. So they begin to things behind the back.

Silly excuses and formal conversation without substance or care fill the space between them.

To me, love or happiness are just concept human creates in mind. These are illusive and subjective. Life is much more than love or happiness. So many people believe in the purpose of life should be happiness. So many single women think they should find the man who gives love to them.

I think beautiful, strong relationship between a couple should be built on real life with least expectation. If two parties care each other and try to understand whenever there is miscommunication or mistake, they will have good life together for years.

A photo is better than thousands of words.

A genuine action is better than hundreds of photos or many hours of video chat.

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