As the Wheels fall off the Plandemic Agenda the Globalists are now starting a War with Russia

I am a Perennial Hippie who believes in self sufficiency, inalienable rights and individualism — much like our founding fathers. The last thing I would want to see is a collectivist global system where everything is subject to the scrutiny of a global state. I’m also a pragmatist in the sense that I don’t want to foment a global nuclear war, which is where things seem headed.

I have said this many times: the greatest shortcoming of humanity is to underestimate the evil of our rulers. Our rulers want us enslaved through forced vaccines, vaccine passports and a digital currency. And it seems that, since the Plandemic has proven ineffective they have now decided to poke the bear: a bear that has enough nuclear arsenal to destroy the entire United States.

I recall, in the 1980’s, that anyone talking about a “New World Order” was called a conspiracy theorist. But then in 1991 President Bush embraced the idea of a “New World Order.” Then in 1992 Pelosi endorsed the UN’s Agenda21, which was the first template for instituting a “New World Order.” Globalist Corporate Media (CNN, MSNBC, FOX etc.) never mention this. More recently they refuse to acknowledge that Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan is also the slogan of the World Economic Forum that is now pushing the “Great Reset” where ‘you will own nothing but be happy.”

I don’t want to live in a dystopian globalist nightmare where we all become nothing more than slaves on a Global Plantation. I don’t want that for my children or grandchildren. And if you feel as I do then it is time to peacefully rise up. Go to protests. Go before your City Council and School Boards. Demand that the entire litany of mandates — forced vaccination, vaccine passports, digital ID’s — are absolutely thrown out the window. People that were fired for not getting the mRNA injections should be reinstated. Our lives must carry on, just as they did before the staged Plandemic of 2020. Back to the old normal.

Wake up world. And remember . . .

All of us is all we need.
Bruce W. Cain


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