2007 Honda Civic 3D model

Since I was introduced to 3D printing technology few years ago, I eagerly wanted to have ability of realistic 3D modeling. I use OpenSCAD to create functional 3D models most of time.

I had to choose one 3D modeling software for learning. Commercial 3D software which only supports Windows is out of my choice because I mostly use Linux. Also I consciously made decision that I would use and learn Free and Open Source software if possible. I tried FreeCAD but instability and small size of community stopped me investing time and energy on it.

I had spent hundreds of hours to finish the car modeling course by myself. The tricky part of online learning which does not provide interactive support from the instructor is to figure out minor issues during the course. (https://cgmasters.net/training-courses/master-car-creation-in-blender/)

After I finished the course, I decided to create a 3D model for 2007 Honda Civic, which I drive one of variant. From start to finish it almost took one year. To render a realistic car image is different area of 3D modeling. I plan to learn rendering technique in Blender when I would have time.

The Honda Civic 3D model is hollow.

The Blender file is on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5136882

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