Start small, plan big.

First 3D model I created using OpenSCAD in 2015.

A military vehicle I created using Blender 2.83.

I invested over 800 hours to learn and improve my 3D modeling skill in Blender for the past three months. It’s been grinding, challenging experiences almost everyday.

Many people often say “Starting is the hardest thing to do!” I disagree with it.

“Starting is the easiest thing to do!”

“Keep doing what you started is hard thing to do!”

One life lesson I learned is that whenever I do start something, I try to make it simple and makes new activity as part of daily routine. In the field of science and technology, once I stop learning, I would stand at that place forever.

Learning is progress, not perfection. This principal should apply to life. Physical aging is inevitable, everybody gets old. The body becomes weak and inefficient, might develop serious disease such as cancer, dementia or permanently damage a limb by unfortunate accident. To overcome this sorrow status, one must train and embrace the spiritual side of human being.

Creative activity keeps the mind sharp. It also brings inner peace and state of oneness.

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