Install bigger battery on 2007 Honda Civic 2.0

I installed a bigger batter than stock one to my 2007 Honda Civic 2.0. In common sense the production cost of smaller battery is less than big one provided they use exact same technology and material.
The battery manufacturer charges more and performance of the battery no better than big batteries for domestic cars – Hundai, Kia, Samsung. It’s market exploitation indeed.

Rocket automotive battery
GB 450LS: 560 CCA, 5HR 48, 20HR 60
238 x 129 x 201 (L x W x H mm)
2007 Civic 2.0, other Honda models


GB 60AL: 430 CCA, 5HR 36, 20HR 45
202 x 177 x 202 (L x W x H mm)
Hyundai: Avante, Accent, i30
Kia: New Pride, Soul (2.0), Karens
Samsung: SM3


Inspect the bottom part after removing the stock battery


Check the length


Check the width


Two extruded parts on both sides has height of around 30 mm from the bottom.
To install the GB 60AL, the bottom needs to be raised so that the battery case does not sit on the extruded parts.
The bottom plate seems to be welded because removal of two M8 bolts wouldn’t separate it from the frame.

Making battery base plate

Create the plate template using A4 paper.
Mark hole position (24mm, 15mm) where a M8x50 bolts go in. Hole diameter should be 9 or 10 mm.



Thickness: bigger than 32 mm
Width: 129 mm
Length: 225 mm
Fasten bolt: M8x50
I prepare three MDF sheets and one 5 mm rubber sheet. I put together three MDF sheets using a wooden glue. And I spray two layers of clear coat on the glued MDF plate for water proof.



Make battery ground cable

It requires longer battery cable than stock one.
Size: 4 AWG (diameter 5.18922 mm)
Length: 35 mm
Two ring terminals whose diameter is over 8 mm.
One batter terminal clamp
Cable protective tube (plastic or fabric): Inner diameter is over 10 mm
A piece of shrinking tube


This is optional. I create another ground cable to replace the old one which connects the engine block to the frame.

Battery fastening bolt x2
Stock fastening bolt has M6 thread and 0.75 mm pitch
Length: 234 mm (Stock one is 219 mm)


Batter securing bar


Length: 190 mm
Length between the bolt holes: 178 mm
Size of bolt hole: 6 mm



Mount the short ground cable


Mount the battery ground cable

Mount the battery base plate


Put GB 60AL batter on the base plate and fix the position
Mount the battery using the bar and two fastening bolts

Front fastening bolt


Finish of installation


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