Sacramento City Council Meeting 5G Discussion

In December Verizon installed a cell antenna approximately 45 feet from my family’s home as part of the 5G testing here in Sacramento. A month later my nieces came down with cold/flu like symptoms. A month later they were still sick. We began researching the safety of cell antennas and the radiation they emit. Our lives have not been the same since. My nieces were sick for another month. They went from being perfectly healthy, active, and happy children to chronically ill and low energy. It was a devastating transformation to watch. We hired a local Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist to come take measurements in our home. Measurements in my niece’s bedroom were the highest he had ever measured indoors. He suggested we move them to a back room and install shielding on the walls facing the antenna. We took his advice and a weak later their symptoms went away. We still worry that they are continuing to be harmed and that the symptoms might not manifest until sometime in the future. It is a horrible way to live and it is a direct result of Verizon’s antenna. We have been fighting to have this antenna removed since March 2019.

In June I organized a group of family, friends, and neighbors to attend and speak at a city council meeting on the topic of 5G (fifth generation wireless technology). 5G will require millions of small cell antennas to be installed closer than ever to people’s homes and schools exposing us to unprecedented levels of RF radiation. 5G also uses a higher energy frequency of RF radiation than all previous generations of wireless technology. As a result the long term health effects are completely unknown. Experts around the globe are warning against the deployment of 5G without any evidence that it will be safe. We do not want to be guinea pigs in this experiment.

Permitting issues and additional info from the front lines:

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