Replacement front brake discs and pads

Parts on eBay for 2007 Acura CSX are compatible to 2007 Honda Civic 2.0 FD2.

Front Disc Brake Pad Set Bosch QuietCast BC959

[2 FRONTS] Black Hart *DRILLED & SLOTTED* Disc Brake Rotors F1024

I had stopped working on cars over nine years. I struggled a lot today for replacement of left front brake disc and pads. I could only finished the left side after struggling three hours. I was working at the office parking lot. It was close to 4:00 PM.

The left front disc was 11 years old, never been serviced. When I bought it, the mileage was 147,000 km. I drove the Civic last year for 10,000 km.

Difficult steps:
Removal of two M6 disk screws
Compressing of the caliper piston

I know replacement brake discs has to be done for both sides. Changing only one side makes uneven braking force, which may create a handling problem during the heavy breaking. But I wanted to give a try how it would feel. So I went for a test drive, and immediately felt dragging force, continued to drive it about five minutes and stopped at a public parking lot.

I got off the Civic and inspected the left front wheel. The rim was hot! There was extra friction between new brake disc and pads. It was expected but little hotter. I thought if I would drove it without much braking on my way home, the friction of left front brake would be reduced and back to normal.

I chose the outskirt road which does not have traffic lights. On the way home I monitored fuel economy indicator on the HUD. As the Civic accumulated mileage, fuel economy gradually increased and went back to previous state. During the coasting it hit 2.0L/100km to 1.xL/100 km.

After arriving at the apartment parking, I inspected the left front wheel. I touched the rim and it was not hot. Surface of the brake disc was clean without any discoloration.



I will go to a regular repair shop tomorrow and replace the right front brake disc and pads.

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