Battery replacement

I found that the battery of my 2007 Civic 2.0 for farm machine. I had absurd feeling. Because one year ago right after I bought it, I visited to the Honda service center for transmission fluid change, basic check up and service record of the past. The service advisor or technician never talked about the wrong battery in my Civic.

Also one month ago while I was driving in the night, low voltage indicator came on suddenly and disappeared. The following day I went to an automotive shop for engine oil change, asked for checking charging system and battery. The shop did not have a battery tester. The mechanic only checked the charging voltage using a multimeter.

Mileage: 157,437 km

Battery specification:
HxLxW: 223x238x129

Rocket GB450LS, Made In Korea.
12V 45AH
Cost: 110,000 KRW

I use a cheap Dashboard camera as blackbox. It uses power from the USB charger plugged in the accesory socket. Yesterday without any reason the Dashboard cam went black.

29 is the fuse for assesory socket. When I checked continuity of 29 fuse, it was infinite resistance, blown out.


After installation of new 15A fuse, the asseory socket was getting power. I bought a cheap two ports USB charger at a hardware store.

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