E3D Volcano hotend Slic3r settings


I made change on Slic3r settings.

All extrusion widths are 0.8mm except First Layer is 0.9 mm.

Extrusion multiplier is set to 1.174 for getting rid of tiny gap between walls. The wall thickness during calibration started at 0.76mm, finished at 0.82 mm.

The contraction measurement of eSun ABS filament were when the printing temperature was at 245 degrees, chamber was 33 degrees:

58.00mm – 57.45mm

53.60mm – 53.00 mm

(5/17/ 2018)

3D Printer: Original Prusa i3 MK2

Volcano nozzle: 0.8 mm

Slic3r:  Prusa Edition 1.39.1

To get the desired printing quality, I’ve played different settings of Slic3r.  The key of quality printing for Volcano hotend is to reduce the printing speed below 20 mm/s. Any value over 20 mm/s produces poor quality of printing. Retraction settings hardly makes any different.

Speed for print moves (mm/s)

Perimeters: 20
Small perimeters: 15
External perimeters: 50%
Infill: 30
Solid infill: 20
Top solid infill: 15
Support material: 30
Support material interface: 100%
Bridges: 40
Gap fill: 20

Speed for non-print moves
Travel: 130

First layer speed: 30

Acceleration control (advanced)
Perimeters: 0
Infill: 0
Bridge: 0
First layer: 0
Default: 0


Extrusion width (mm)
Default extrusion width: 0.9
First layer: 0.84
Perimeters: 0.9
External perimeters: 0.9
Infill: 1
Solid infill: 1
Top solid infill: 1
Support material: 0

Infill/perimeter overlap: 25%

Bridge flow ratio: 0.8



Filament: ABS
Temperature:  255 C degree
Printing speed:  20 mm/s
Retraction length: 1 mm



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