Brutal honesty is to write a private journal

It becomes seventeen years of riding bikes by coming September 2017. For the first two years I had gotten three accidents. Since then for 15 years, I have been riding near accident free.

The latest accident was on a gas station parking lot when the Daerim Citi’s front wheel got into a narrow channel in late fall 2016. It was a minor fall that did not cause any damage to the bike nor my body except small scratch on the full-face helmet.

People say “Starting is the hardest thing to do.” But I completely disagree with it. In reality, starting is the easiest thing to do. Anybody can start something in one’s mind.

Except few exceptional individuals who find their destiny in childhood, just to find something that gives meaning or accomplishment is challenging. Most people are slowly assimilated by corrupted, absurd, and twisted society, then later on being wasted, turns into the Living Deads.

Why I still ride the ten year old R1? Maybe because I’m still single. The world is so fucked up place and I need to forget everything once in a while. I might say riding bike is an effective, natural painkiller that the evolution gives to human.

Riding a fast bike, the world becomes so clear and simple. Every decision or stupid mistake done by me or others affects my dear life. The sense of control over me gives the feeling of freedom.

I need to buy new notebook soon for writing new chapters on the bike journal.

– 1978 Honda CX500 Deluxe –

09/09/2001 1st ride

From garage to the parking lot
Start: Broadview Ave. & Queen St. East
End: King St. West & Dufferin (Home)
Stalled several


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