The cost of 2006 Yamaha R1 Ownership for 9 years

It will be exactly 10 years riding a 2006 Yamaha R1 SPV. Strong wind during bad weather knocked it off twice, I dropped it gently on the gravel parking lot in stand still.

These three drops developed tiny crakcs on the front fair bracket, I had to replace it few years ago.

The cost of  R1 Ownership:

Number of years: 9
Total mileage: 31,924 km as of April 18, 2017
Total expense: $1,275

Replacement parts and regular maintenance service:  $1,125

Original YUASA battery Made In Japan: lasted seven years.
Cheap third party battery Made In China lasted two years: $40
It’s on the 3rd battery Made In Korea since 2015: $40
Spark plug replacement: $15
Air filer replacement: $20
Engine oil change: $20 to $40 dollars including oil filter
Brake fluid change: $20 x3
Engine coolant change: $20 x2
Second front tires : average $200
Third rear tires: average $250

Repair work: $150

Upper fairing mount bracket: $150




Genuine YAMAHA OEM Stator Generator Rotor Flywheel
Magnets are Permanently attached
inside of the Rotor

This part is shipped with signature confirmation unless otherwise noted on order

Part Number: 2SH-81450-00-00

Replaces Part # 5VY-81450-00-00

This is the revised version from Yamaha that corrects the problem of the magnets breaking loose

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