The surreal beauty in a hell

I stopped questioning “Why!” since I accepted man-made world is a manufactured hell. It’s a disturbing fact but better take it as is to suppress my insanity level under control.

It’s heading to middle of Spring. The life is exploding in full color everywhere. There are thousands trees that open up snow flowers. Night scene of the snow trees in the giant prison complex under street light is quite surreal.

Few times per week the roaring sound of fighter jets shakes the peaceful mood. It occurred two days ago when I was shooting on the backyard of my property. Well the funny thing is wild birds do not bother about the loud noise in the sky.

Only pathetic humans which have been creating a hell reinforce the imminent danger periodically.  Some Koreans nowadays live under nightmare that USA or North Korea will engage a war pretty soon. To me this is a sign of extreme stupidity or ignorance.

South Korea alone grinds two hundred thousands of death to keep it running yearly. Every five year number of total death reaches one million. But strangely enough people do not think about the invisible, silent massacre done by themselves.  The major drive of human society since the beginning has been fear, death, and destruction.  It’s a pure sign of abomination that intelligent species would not choose voluntarily.

Every life is precious and beautiful. Right? Surreal beauty makes one forget the pain and confusion of reality.  At least there are some beauties out there.

South Korea does not have a nuclear weapon allegedly.  Instead it has built twenty nuclear power plants that have more radioactive material than ten thousands nuclear bomb!

Dehumanized scientists and engineers in South Korea have planted over ten thousands nuclear bomb. Only handful people warn about this sick, absurd fact out of fear and concern of the younger generation.

Suppose one nuclear power plant is caught in an accident, as you see on the map  it triggers cascading failure of other plants in the close vicinity.

Do the warmongers of U.S aware of it? Of course they are. The problem is they are monsters which do not possess genuine intelligence and feeling.

North Korean military is a fucking joke.  Any sane man knows that a nation of extreme poverty can not develop strong military. It’s technically impossible. However, war is always unpredictable. Even if joint forces of South Korea and U.S military wipe out North Korean military and do regime change, handful of special forces will be able to destroy one nuclear power plant in South Korea out of vengeance.

It’s so fucking easy to destroy any power plant. I can do it with few manual hand tools and water.

Then the whole region becomes non-habitable zone for humans over decades.  I estimate radioactive materials that is over hundreds times than Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster would spread.

Sorry for my rant.


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