Computer setup to reduce electromagnetic radiation

I decided to reduce electromagnetic radiation from computers and other devices in my workspace. Here is what I have:
Desktop PC x2
LCD monitor x2
Laser printer x1
130W amplifier x1
Step-down transformer x1

I roughly designed a rack which has three floors. The first floor has little over 610 mm on the floor to remove computer radiation way from the legs.

1 floor: two decktop PCs
2nd floor: 130W amplifier
3rd floor: laser printer

I bought precut 20×20 aluminium profiles with fasteners and four feets.
The assembly was pretty easy. I used one 5 mm allen key.

I made three floors out of the left over MDF whose thickness is 5 mm, and applied two layers of wooden paints, let it drying for overnight.


The rack is behind the desk.

My feets are one 100 cm away from the main power cord.

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