Installation hplip in Devuan

I don’t know if you know but hplip need policykit and therefore systemd.

You don’t need _package_ HPLIP.  You just need printer-driver-hpcups and
printer-driver-hpijs.  Package hplip is an omnibus desktop-oriented
packaging of the HPIJS and HPLIP drivers, and therefore includes
GNOME-dependency hooks.


Indeed, cups does print.  But it doesn’t have perks of the HP device manager that lets you clean/align and check the status of the cartridges etc. At least I haven’t found that in cups.  So I’m keeping my good ol’ squeeze around that has hplip installed so I access those functions should I ever need them.

Related tip . . . my black cartridge dried out a few months ago.  I found a youtube video that offered several suggestions how to get it working again.  I chose to soak the head in warm distilled water for a few hours.  It worked!! And that cartridge is still functioning months later.



Devuan has an alternative policykit-1 that does not depend on systemd, and
hplip will install without pulling in any systemd components.

apt-cache policy policykit-1
Installed: 0.105-9+devuan1
Candidate: 0.105-9+devuan1

aptitude -s install hplip
The following NEW packages will be installed:
hplip hplip-data{a} libhpmud0{a} libsane-hpaio{a} libsnmp-base{a}
libsnmp30{a} libwebpdemux1{a} libwebpmux1{a}
printer-driver-hpcups{a} python-imaging{a} python-pexpect{a}
python-pil{a} python-reportlab{a}
The following packages are RECOMMENDED but will NOT be installed:
avahi-daemon printer-driver-postscript-hp python-renderpm sane-utils

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