Fixed layer shift promblem of Steel Fisher

In Deltabot 3D Printer a tiny gap on one out of twelve joints creat layer shift problem, which renders the usablity. Once it develops a sign of subtle layer shift, it gets worse as time goes.

The printed part a lot of wiggles but overall shape is fine.

This part has 0.3 mm layer shift

When I disassembled the acrylic rods, five or six balls were loose.  I intentionally did not apply Locktight because I would install another set of rods made out of aluminium tube and igus ballend within a week.


Out of curiosity I installed laser cut aluminium rods.  All twelve ball joints were firm. I performed auto calibration and four points check. However printing a test model revealed serious problem of the aluminium rods. It didn’t provide enough freemom of motion at all.

I think steep aluminium rod against steel ball causes excessive friction enough to limit movement of rods.



I inspected the twelve acrylic rods and all the holes had exact 5.00 mm in diameter. Except one loose ball joint, others provide firm compression. To fix the ball joint, I replaced M3 nut with three M3 washer that decreses the gap to 1.5 mm between two rods.


Test printed parts.

Layer height: 0.2 mm


Layer height: 0.2 mm



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