Book shelves


I added 3D printed caps. The cap design file is here

The 1st model was obscure. Later on I thought simply creating a cube with a cylinder would be sufficient.   The right side of drawing was for the 2nd model. Cheap square angle doesn’t have good squareness. The bent angle varies 1 or 2 degrees off. The OpenSCAD code creates any size of square angles on the fly.



It’s made out of steel angles I bought from a angle shop.
All bolts and nuts came with angles.  The angle shop cut angles by length I gave.

I made eight plates out of thin MDF boards and applied one layer of primer to them, fourteen cross bars that block the hole on the side of each stack.

Building a decent indoor wooden furinture requires tedious, time-consuming labor works. I’ve done it. Wood is organic, easy to work with. But to make it last years you need to apply paint and chemicals on it.

Advantage of steel angle over wooden bar:
– you spend little time to make parts.
– it’s scalable.
– it’s easy to assembly and move around.
– strong enough to withstand heavy weight.
– relatively cheap compared to wood.

Steel book shelves

Steel book shelves

Book shelf side bar

Book shelf side bar

book shelf plate

book shelf plate

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