How to stop firefox making automatic connections

dng <>

there is a general tendency for certain end-user software to become
very ambitious and also build a lot of marketing, leading most often
to lesser quality of the software itself because of bloat.

to our great horror, there is one more thing Parazyd has found out in
Firefox: it connects to their servers *every time a new tab is
opened*, no matter if empty! I mean, it does all sorts of connections
to homebase to gather info of all kinds (that obviously doesn’t serves
to make good choices for the betterment of the software…) down to
the bare minimum action of opening a tab, that also is communicated to
Firefox cloud servers.

I think this is ridicolous. There was a time in which we called this
behaviour spyware and for reasons.

Here a demonstration (webm video)

the visualization behind is made with our router/hub
(also based on Devuan eheheheh)

after we discovered and warned publicly on twitter about this
behaviour, people from Firefox replied us with this link
so maybe there are non-default options to make it better. but…. meh.

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