20 – chapter 3


Chapter 3

The cost of intelligence

K is remembered as an eccentric, unpredictable figure among the founding members of the village. He had made remarkable claims on his diary which would be testified only by one’s experiment.

One infamous claim by K is:

Do you know what animal does outsmart human by speaking language? Guess. We think brain size is directly related to intelligence of the animal. So it’s logical that insects have lower intelligent that fishes. Most fishes except dolphins and whales should have inferior intelligence than mammals.

Chicken head usually represent a dumb person. We are often amazed by birds physical abilities but hardly consider their intelligence because bird’s brain size is tiny.

Well, well after successful telepathic communication with dogs and cats, I’m convinced that birds are really smart. All the four leg talkers had refused to give clear answer about bird’s intelligence.

“Have you ever talked with a Magpie?”

“Not really. Those birds are annoying, creating a lot of noise whenever they go.” A dog said.

Cats’ reaction were interesting.

“Hmm… Let me think. Is it a good idea of talking with your preys?”

“Birds are challenging subjects to catch. From time to time we manage to pick up fallen chicks on the branches. That’s about it. You know what, the taste of bird is so good though.”

“In our (cats) world, there is a famous verb saying if you are brave enough, patience and skillful, then try to hunt a bird once. You will experience of pure ecstasy, accomplishment and pride as a cat. But once you start indulging the winged creatures, you will shorten, endanger your dear life.”

So I decided to communicate with birds. The problem I learned in day one is attention span of birds is usually within few seconds. Except domestic chickens birds do not sit on one place long enough to engage meaningful conversation.

An old chicken suggested me to build a feeding station that has small entrance and transparent windows so that small birds such as Daruian Redstart come and stay long. Eventually I had built good number of bird shelters around my house. Each shelter had direct access port that I observe birds in it. sparrows, bulbuls, and redstarts moved in the shelters.

(I might insert more conversations here because it’s quite fun .)

Talking with them in night before the residents go to sleep was quite effective. Most birds have direct personality, spontaneous, and they talk in high speed.

“Hey Red?”

“Yo, what’s up?”

“How’s your day?”

“It was alright.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. It was peaceful, I caught enough bugs to fill my stomach.”

“By the way, I like this shelter. This is mine now. Do you have any problem with it?”

“Nope. Stay as long as you wish.”

“Great. By next coming spring, I might become a papa.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeap. I found a chick that accepted my proposal today. You will see her soon.”

“Is it hard to get a partner?”

“Yes. So so males wouldn’t get a chance. A future mom evaluates overall male’s abilities: good attitude, resourcefulness, knowledge, age is another factor.”


“All adults understand parenting is hard. It demands physical and mental limit of both parents till the chicks grow up. A couple who finishes parenting would not participate the annual mating competition for few years. This in fact gives mating opportunities to the so-so birds.”

“Hey it’s time for the bed.”

“Yeap. Good night.”

An old bulbul moved in with a young one. The young one called the old one as master which train, transfer essential knowledge to the young generations. These masters are living librarians and do critical part of organic evolutionary process of many species.

“Would I call you Sparky?”

“Nah. That’s ignorant name for a bird like me. Give me a moment.”

“Call me a thorn.”


“Yes. Do you have problem?”

“Do you know what does thorn mean?”

“Of course, it’s niddle-like things on wild roses’ trunk you humans call them in general. Am I wrong? Chirp chirp.”

“I’m surprised.”

“I can promise you that it is just a beginning.”

K had done a lot of conversations with Thorn and they became a good soul friend whatever you may call it or discard. They visited many places all over the world together for years till Thorn left the Earth. And about a decade later K vanished without trace in the village.

Excerpt from the final section of K’s diary:

Dear friends and villagers,

Nowadays I don’t have good reason that I should stay in the village, which makes me wonder often. Aging is slow torture of death to any human who loose higher purpose of existence unless blind faith to a fixed ideology or belief system, i.e. religion.

If somebody ask me what kind of religion I want to have, I gladly say my religion is Nature itself. Handful of you were aware of my recent actions that have created gossips about me. It was understandable of course. It’s too early to validate in scientific manner that there exist higher form of language that all life forms can communicate. I call it telepathy which beyond limited words and abstractions created by human concepts.

I had developed friendship with animals for a decade, the best one was Thorn, bulbul species. And Thorn convinced me that telepathy does exist and grand scheme that governs all creatures on Earth or other places where creatures live.

Immortality of machine became an obsolete subject in scientific context. Five years of kids in our village know that the body is just a container of mind. Without mind which has free will and own awareness, human being is a complex organic machine to do stuff repeatedly like the simple robots in a workshop.

A new trend in modern society is phenomena of remembrance of past lives. I personally recovered some of past lives. Surprisingly many conversations with the winged friends reveal that animals do remember past lives believe or not. To validate this extraordinary yet old hypothesis I traveled many places over the world with Thorn to gather, cross check cases.

Corrupted religions in Eastern culture had exploited collective consciousness using reincarnation under the name of different religions’ dogma: Buddhism, Hinduism, and etc. So accepting reincarnation without its underlying mechanism is crucial to us. It would be served as shackle to lock us down, make us hopeless being for many generations again if people worship it rather than natural evolutionary process.

The uncomfortable question I had in mind is who or what group installed sophisticated belief systems that prevent mankind remembering our past over 40,000 years, especially the last 10,000 years onward till present days.

Humanity has finally reached to near interstellar civilization. We should be proud of this great achievement. But one things has to be done for the security of mankind, which is to identify the rouge entities that had controlled collective humanity for thousands years. A group of humans and members of off-world species formed a special task force to find them and ask for full responsibility of their deeds against us. The task force also has military component in it.

(few phrases to fill and finish it.)
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