20 – chapter 2


Chapter 2

Democracy, what?!

Thrive of the village, now became a town, has been contributed by new political system, mostly the community technically is running by children from five to late teen.

The village does not have a election day. There aren’t professional politicians whose job is to control the rest without doing any meaningful works inside the office. All big decisions and long-term plans for the community must have full agreement of related parties, all villagers who have the right of challenge.

The founders believed that any sentient being which possesses higher intelligence does not need to have a leader or entity that gives orders what to do or not. For the first few years the founders had some doubt and experienced difficulties having young leaders who were their children. The young executives indeed ran the village, did things in extraordinary way from adult’s point of view.

At least the village hasn’t developed two classes – the elites, the workers – which would be the worst nightmare of the community. Any size of society has final decision makers, the leaders who exercise the power which steers direction of the society. For how long modern humans had been blinded by democracy? A good two hundred years.

Contrary to the belief democracy produced a monstrous empire, perfect war machine whose way of living was to destroy natural environment, perpetuating wars against weak nations to exploit resources and cheap labor. Democracy miserably failed to offer transparent political system that takes care of even the majority which is the source of the governing body.

Small group of people finally realized that any idealistic political system that ignores individual or minority’s voice and rights would create monstrous government eventually. Because fresh and new idea that can fix problems of the society hardly comes from so-so majority, old generation. History of science has proved it.

At the pinnacle of massive public education in late 20th century, compared to number of professionals and scientists, engineers whose education period and amount exceeded over past ages in human history, capable experts became scarce breed. And it did delay or even prevented peaceful, smooth transition of modern society for decades.

For instance, modern astronomy became garbage scientific field that common sense and reasoning stopped working anymore. What matter worse was the scientific community brought in democracy to manage research activities so that the status quo would have maintain without a single challenge from fellow scientists.

Astronomy had to suffer for about one hundred years until the Big Bang cosmology simply exploded in early 21st century, which triggered by grass root movement organized by brilliant, conscious scientists who had been in minority. See the Electric Universe in appendix [2].

How democracy works and what’s the flaw of its method? Let’s examine it using a scenario. Suppose there is a village that has 100 hundred residents. End of each year they elect a leader and five counselors who serve as the governing body of the village.

The villagers nominates up to three candidates during election campaign that lasts three days. In the final day one candidate who gets most votes is elected as the new leader of the village, and the leader appoints five new counselors.

Ability of each candidate is irrelevant as you see. No matter how good a candidate is, a candidate who could speak well enough to attract more voters will always become the leader. So the village has created ruling class who live off other hard-working people. What makes it worse the situation is introduction of laws, by the leader and counselors, that punishes all villages who disobey or go against majority’s opinions. If one of punishment is execution, the village goes back to autocracy kingdom age.

Fear and control of basic necessities for human survival are the main tools all corrupted power exploit. To whom should the general public follow when they faces into extreme poverty – ideology or food and water?

After spending agonizing debates and discussions the founders of Gureum village abandoned democracy as political system. They invented modified version of political system that the First Nations in North America had used thousands years, which guarantee voices of the minority. Any big decision that affects direction of the community should have unanimous agreement of all members. This way creative solution wins over popularity and accepted old method that most of the community take it as is without a single doubt.

Next challenge for them to establish was structure of governing body that executes and manages decisions made by all members. How to prevent corruption of the power group that always exist, potential threat of chaos? One of the founders suggested “The younger is more open-minded, immune against corruption. So let’s make kids as village leader and counselors.”

We adults learn how to lie, manipulate, take advantage of others. This is the downside of intelligence. Aren’t we? How often we actually trust our intuition and go for it? Rarely. Before we do something, our mind starts calculating possible outputs that favors the initial decision.”

Another founder supported it too saying

“Yes. That’s a beautiful idea. Kids don’t like. Children have brutal honesty and challenges parents whenever they spot broken promises.”

Here is another interesting fact. Kids have big dreams, usually optimistic towards the world. Humans as we get old become cynical, don’t give shit about our actions or the world. How many wise elders who care about future generations after they gone? When I was a kid I used to call Stupid old bastards every year in Spring. Elders of the family clan gathered adults to do grave maintenance work, which was to destroy forest by cutting down trees and plants. And the elders were proud of lifeless grave yard. After thirty some years past as I became a man, the elders’ children who then took over their parents’ position did the same thing in more destructive way.”

(# I might extend this part.)

The village has only three laws that everybody needs to respect and exercise. It’s simplified version of Natural laws.

(# Use directive instead law?)

Honor scared life of human being and all life forms that share the planet. Any action that violates this principal will have severe punishment set by the committee or voluntary offer of the breaker oneself.

Honor causality of every action we do as an individual or collective. Therefore one has to take full responsibility of the action whatever it is.

We understand that Freedom is earned right by intelligent sentient being who has self awareness whether its biological or synthetic origin. Any free being should honor above two principles when it exercises own Freedom.

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