20 – chapter 1


I wrote a short story during last winter. It’s about a future society that people live good life without  the conflicts between the ruling and subservient classes. The title 20 means the village residents’ maximum work hour per week is 20.  I believe it can be done if capable people start working together to build a decentralized local economy that utilizes innovative technologies and theories in modern science.

It’s half-finished work. I’ll add few more chapters and the appendix one at a time.  A sentence starting with # is not part of the story but undecided thought during the moment of writing.

Thank you codeinfig for proof reading.

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Chapter 1

There is a man whose name is H. H was born in a small community that is located in a remote mountain area. Here is life is slow, stress free, spacious, and peaceful.

Total number of locals in the village is around two hundreds. Few decades ago the village had less than twenty people which later on became legendary founders and elders who have great influence to the society at profound level. H’s parents were part of the founders. From time to time he heard how fortunate boy he was because he never been subjected to slavery condition of living, which has been normal lifestyle of mankind since the beginning of modern civilization.

H lives in a floating house that handful of villagers, somewhat crazy and wild in nature, have been building for prototype, mobile living quarters. The original idea came from Buckminster Fuller’s Cloud Nine structure half century ago. Fuller calculated that a huge dome structure that is made out of light-weight metal struts under transparent wall would warm up the inside air during the day, inside air’s total density difference to surrounding air soon overcomes the weight of dome, and lifts over the ground such as balloon floats in the sky. I suggest anybody who is interest about technical detail of the floating house should check the appendix.

Let’s look into H’s daily life. First of all, what does he do for living? In the village most adults do not have specific job they have to maintain. All village members who are capable of physical labor works contribute twenty hours per week for the necessary community works at most. Some work eight hours per day for two and half days in straight. Many favors five hours per day for four days in straight, which give them sense of duty or objective.

People finally realized that monocroping was the root cause of potential starvation, macroscopic environmental destruction caused by agriculture, which supposedly to work with Nature.

The village has constructed huge food forest and food gardens so that farming activities hardly require bone-crushing, blood-burning labor which haunted traditional farmers generation after generation. Permaculture or natural farming revolutionized agriculture within two decades in world wide.

Hundreds types of edible plants, fruit trees produce fresh, organic, and nutritional rich food during three quarter of the year. Except growing few corps demand three to four weeks of intensive labor in Spring: wheat, rice, corns, and some others.

As soon as kids become five to six years old, they join the the workforce with great enthusiasm and curiosities. You might think it’s outrageous, a sign of backward society that enforces child labor to support the whole. All parents who have children prefer to take care and teach by themselves the basic knowledge and skills to their children in real work places. Toddlers usually stay in daycare center. By the time children becomes late teens, they are grown as masters of specific field and have versatile skills. These new generation indeed has helped technological advancement of later civilization greatly. Imagine hundred thousands of genius who could challenge the great mind like Nicola Tesla or Issac Newton both in creativity and intellectual level.

Frankly speaking, just few years ago all villagers unanimously rejected new workforce plan which contained reduction of mandatory work hour by 30%, which is fourteen hours per week at maximum. The mechanics started to build humanoid robots that could do any type of physical/mental work what human does.

The plan had been debated for two months and final decision was to get rid of it permanently. The reason was that labor activities that are related to human survival – food production, shelter/house construction and maintenance, energy production and distribution, building and maintaining machines that support the infrastructure, medicare – are sacred.

The moment majority of members are removed from such activities, the collective as a whole will start to degrade due to inevitable dependence to a group which possesses the power.

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