Why nuclear bombs do not work


1.2 The B61 Silver Bullet a-bomb of 1963 – to be upgraded 2016 by Obama

I live in Europe (Southern France) and today, 2016, it seems USA, 53 years later, protect me with plenty atomic strategic and tactical B61 Silver Bullet atomic bombs created 1963 with fixed tail fins just screwed to the bomb shell (see photos below) and according to www.nrdc.org/nuclear/euro/euro.pdf. It is evidently a joke. The B61 Silver Bullet atomic bomb does not work and probably does not exist! And what a stupid name of a bomb. Silver bullet!

The B61 Silver Bullet bombs, if they exists, which I doubt, are stored in well-known places all over Europe, where they apparently can go off at any time … even if they do not work.

 A U.S. Air Force safety review determined in 1997 that there was a risk of accidental nuclear explosion during service of B61 nuclear bombs in NATO’s protective aircraft shelters. (p.52 of above link)

Nobody in Europe reacted 1997! Imagine US/NATO a-bombs just exploding in store!

There were (September 2015) approximately 180 US B61 a-bombs deployed in Europe at six bases in five NATO countries: Belgium (Kleine Brogel AB), Germany (Buchel AB), Italy (Aviano AB and Ghedi AB), the Netherlands (Volkel AB), and Turkey (Incirlik AB). The security is still not very good.  Terrorists plan to steal them! But don’t worry. The bombs do not work. Or exist.

It’s probably right.
Garbage in, garbage out.

I laugh to myself whenever I hear a smart man talks about Black Holes or Nuclear fusion energy in the sun. Because I know for certain Black Holes do not exist in physical universe.

Putting aside complex mathematical formulas that creates the condition of Black Holes, the definition of Black Holes tells pseudo concept and contradicting itself. A collapsing star due to gravity would create incredible state of point mass with infinite density. The gravitional pull is so strong light can not escape from it.

Point mass means it does not have any volume. What does it mean then? Well point mass is a concept to simply calculation in Newtonian mechanics. To calculate gravitation force between Earth and an object, we treat Earth as point mass. It has position or distance from the object. The size of Earth is irrelevant. Without physical volume Earth’s mass alone exists in the calculation. It’s a good example of power of abstraction human mind does invent often to understand reality, how Nature works.

What makes infinite density? Density is mass over volume in physics.
Earth can be a Black Hole if it shrinks down to point mass or extremely tiny ball. An apple can be a Black Hole too if its volume gets down to infinitesimal near zero. Mass is irrelevant by definition of division in mathematics. Second or third grade kids know it.

--------- = infinity

——- = infinity (Black Holes)

Zero is also abstraction human invented that does not exist in the universe. Many stupid people think zero is real number such as one or two that we can correlate real objects to it.

Long long time ago the universe was created out of nothingness! The Big Bang Universe. What is nothingness? Can I replace it zero then how matter can be created out of nothing? By the way world class scientists rewarded Nobel prize in Physics by fudging data to support the Big Bang cosmology – the detection of 3K Cosmic background.

It’s stupid claim and only subservient mind takes it as truth under one condition either social conditioning or repetitive exposure by force during childhood. Modern education makes kids as living deads by the time they join the society in late 10s. Honestly speaking, I had lived almost entire life as a living dead or biological robot which perform any order without any objection.

Case Against the Nuclear Atom
Dewey B. Larson

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