The cost of visual ecstacy

I’ve spent around four months to build a functional Sony A6000. I bought used A6000 and old lens to save $$$.

Body: Sony A6000 mirrorless (Made in Japan or some country)
Lens: Russian Mir 1v, 37 mm F2.8, prime lens (Made In Russia)
M42 to E-mount adapter (Made In China)
Sony 32 GB memory card (Made in Taiwan)
Two batteries and charger, Wasabi (Made in China)
Remote switch (Made in China)


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2 Responses to The cost of visual ecstacy

  1. Eross says:

    Hi, I’ve just got exactly the same camera, lens and adapter but can’t seem to get it to focus to infinity. I’ve several other old prime manual lenses that work just fine, but the Mir-1 won’t. Any ideas? Is it something in the settings?

    • janpenguin says:


      The M42 adapter has three set crews that holds the ring where the lens screw in.
      I did change the ring position slightly because the lens was off center.
      I suggest turning the rign left or right direction to find the optimium position where the lens has clear focus over all range. Also the len has three set crews on the range ring which can be used for adjustment.

      Hope it will help.

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