Metal Fisher 3D Printer – 2

Modification I made so far:
* Extended wires of the extruder motor
* Soldered three end stop switches
* Put the top plate after rimming all steel axis holes
* Replaced Bowden tube with longer one (This turned out disaster.)



I bought it from a local store last year hoping it would work as Bowden tube because outside and inside diameter matches the Bowden tube.

When it was one third of printing, extrusion stopped working due to excessive internal friction. The filament completely stuck inside the hotend. I call it the worst nightmare of 3D Printing. As soon as the filament stops advancing, lower part of the filament near the heater block starts swallowing. Retraction or extrusion wouldn’t work.

The hobbed gear of extruder motor is grinding one spot on the filament due to the internal resistance force  of Bowden tube is bigger than pushing force of the extruder. And printing is game over.


Swallowed end tip of the filament right below the Bowden tube inside heat sink. It prevents retraction no more.



It takes several hours to remove filament inside the hotend. Whenever this kind of failure happens, I feel depressed. I’m getting used to be failed but it definitely sucks.

I gonna test the flying extruder.

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