The level of stupidity in modern astronomy is unreal.

It’s freaking unbelievable.

So many educated people actually believe in speed of gravity is c (the speed of light) because Theory of General Relativity is absolute scientific truth.

Any rotating body around a center will move outward as soon as the connection between the object and the center is removed. For instance if you are rotating a stone tied by rope, releasing the rope on your hand make it flying. Can we deny this physical reality?  People might resist it until they will have real experience. After that any reasonable man can accept new experience as a real fact of Nature does.

It takes eight minutes for light travel from the sun to Earth. Earth is traveling around the sun at 100,000 km/h in elliptical orbit. Gravitational force between these maintain stable orbit of Earth.

Issac Newton’s ingenious was to come up with few assumption to derive the gravitational law that correctly explain Earth’s orbit including other planets. He didn’t just made up few assumptions by accident or out of pure imagination.

He assumed the speed of gravity between any celestial body should be instantaneous so that there is no delay during gravitational engagement between celestial bodies. And this assumption was quiet effective.

If speed of gravity is c, then the universe had fall apart long long time ago. Our milky way could not even be formed. The speed of light is miserably slow in vast distance in our solar system.  How  Earth maintain stable orbit around the sun if gravity pulls it 8 minutes behind when it moves to next position?  Earth would run away from the sun.

Some scientists had measured speed of gravity and it’s at least hundred million times faster than speed of light. So in a solar system star’s gravitational pull act instantaneously on planets and orbiting celestial bodies.

Educated people think they are smart but in reality they are really stupid, so delusional. What they are good at is to memorize and repeat what they’ve been taught in schools without a single question.

For instance virtually all bikers believe a bicycle or motorcycle don’t fall because of gyroscopic effect which is false perception.  No person can ride a bicycle with fixed steering wheel how fast the wheels will turn. I experimented it few years ago and gyroscopic effect were too weak to give stability of the bicycle. Constant adjustment of front wheel by biker keeps the bicycle moving in two wheels.

One day I realized a shocking truth “To train human being is easier than an animal like dog.” I  had asked to myself many times until I accept it questioning to myself “Why?” The answer I found is the potential cost of higher intelligence. Animals do possess intelligence. What separate humans from them is ability of forming abstract concept through reasoning and imagination, logic, and etc.  And it makes what humans special because all of us have the physical power of manifestation through mind and will. Each human can create unique version of reality and live there.  As group of people share similar concepts and values through language and interactions, it becomes belief system that would have govern those group beyond space and time.

What if the belief system majority of group take it as truth is flawed? Unless the group fixes the flaw, their society will be destroyed by itself or replaced by superior group’s one.

Theory of General Relativity is garbage hypothesis when one can peel off the cover of mathematical complexity. It is not even close to meaningful hypothesis. But somehow they have managed all scientists take it as modern religion without questioning for 100 years.  It’s pathetic and sad reality so many young students would waste their valuable time and energy for pseudoscience.

I personally foresee GR will be removed in physics text books within ten years if there remains self-correction mechanism in mainstream scientific community. If not? new group of scientific community will break out for humanity anyway. I’ve been seeing the new movement in Electric Universe.

Mankind has wasted one hundred years for Dark Science that will destroy humanity sooner or later. I don’t worry about extinction of human race. I believe in we do have some time to fix all the problems and push modern civilization to the next level where humanity finally free from enslavement. And future generations will accomplish peaceful interstellar civilization.

Coming ten years is critical period.


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