Celestron Digital Microscope Imager 44421


How to Install a Microscope Camera Imager in Ubuntu 15.04
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Installation using the Ubuntu Software Center
Installation using Terminal Command

First we will define the concept of a microscopic imager and how we can use it.

A Digital Microscope Camera Imager is used to take pictures from an analog microscope and play on our computers, whether laptops or desktops. These cameras are adapted to the main lens receptacle of the microscope either monocular or binocular. The primary intent of using a device of this type is to facilitate image viewing and user comfort to play back images on their computer, manipulate and save the images. Also to show, in real time, small groups or audiences, as the behavior of microscopic images, or in any case such as microorganisms displayed.

The camera treated in this tutorial is a Celestron®, model 44421, monocular, to be installed in a microscope Globe ®, type of binoculars. This camera comes with a universal adapter for the lens holder and a USB 2.0 connector. The camera will be installed on a Netbook Lenovo, model S10-3C, running Linux Ubuntu 15.04. Needless to say, this device does not offer manufacturer support of any Linux version, which is the reason for this tutorial.

The first thing we do is install playback software supporting images and videos from the camera running Ubuntu 15.04. The available software of choice for such applications is Cheese, both in Ubuntu Software Center 15.04 and through command Terminal.

$ sudo apt- get install cheese

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