Math study progress report

I’ve been taking math courses on Khan academy website for nine days straight. I definitely recommend the site for a self-learner like me who needs to study advanced mathematics.

Average time to solve one set of problems gradually increase due to the complexity of concept and questions.  Right now one simple problem for me to solve taking two to three minutes.

The site provides one video lecture and three to four set of problems. Practice session demands one hundred percent correct answers to given problems. Mostly five questions in a row. If the student gives wrong answer to the 5th question, it triggers another five questions to be answered.

I only failed one skill, Measurement Precision. A lot of wording and assumptions that are not related to mathematics technically speaking confused me. I got stuck in practice session over 20 questions, and decided not to spend more time on it.

Graduation process of a skill is composed of four steps. This is the basic building block of Khan math system.

Practice – Level One or Level Two – Mastered

A general skill, i.e. addition, is made of sub skills that covers dealing with different type of numbers – integer, floating point,  addition arithmetic steps through decomposition of each number. Each subject in Math category has collection of general skills.

I recommend two tools to save a lot of time in solving problems. What’s import is to understand fundamental concepts and rules in mathematics not computer-like precision.

Scientific calculator – number crunching

CAS (Computer Algebra System) software – drawing graph, solve equation, simplifying expressions.

My setup for Khan academy course is pencil and papers, a calculator, interactive ipython terminal for Sympy. Sympy is CAS module for python programming language.

Total The World of Math progress

409 skills mastered
3 skills level two
6 skills level one
7 skills practiced
666 skills not started

Addition and subtraction + 8
Multiplication and division + 16
Negative numbers and absolute value + 12
Decimals + 37
Fractions + 46
Telling time + 2
Negative numbers and absolute value + 12
Factors and multiples + 11
Decimals + 37
Fractions + 44
Ratios, proportions, units, and rates + 5
Applying mathematical reasoning + 16
Exponents, radicals, and scientific notation + 17
Arithmetic properties + 10
Measurement + 7
Foundations + 26
Algebraic expressions + 8
Linear equations and inequalities + 16
Graphing lines and slope + 13
Systems of equations + 2
Expressions with exponents + 6
Quadratics and polynomials + 10
Equations and geometry + 6
Introduction to algebra + 11
One-variable linear equations + 12
One-variable linear inequalities + 5
Units of measurement in modeling + 3
Two-variable linear equations and introduction to functions + 21
Functions + 12
Sequences + 8
Systems of linear equations + 8
Two-variable linear inequalities + 3
Absolute-value equations, functions, and inequalities + 1
Introduction to polynomials + 5
Introduction to polynomial factorization + 8
Quadratic equations and functions + 10
Expressions with rational exponents and radicals + 8
Rational and irrational numbers + 2
Seeing structure in expressions + 1
Old content + 4
Shapes + 1
The coordinate plane + 2
Area and perimeter + 5
The Pythagorean theorem + 1
Congruence + 1
Similarity + 4
Right triangles and trigonometry + 1
Perimeter, area, and volume + 3
Arithmetic with polynomials + 3
Polynomial expressions, equations, and functions + 6
Rational expressions, equations, and functions + 3
Advanced functions + 1
Conic sections + 1
Old content + 6
Descriptive statistics + 1
Sequences, series and induction + 7
Sequences, series, and function approximation + 2
First order differential equations
Additional Skills + 88

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