Few comments about Mini Kossel

I want to discuss about one critical component that’s neglected by many builders.

Qualtity and build precision of diagonal rod assembly dictates Mini Kossel’s printing quality and potential operational errors that would drag the user down.

Six diagonal rod’s length should less than 0.1 mm difference. If length variation among diagonal rods is bigger than 0.1 mm, decent calibration is impossible which create poor printing quality.

Cheap ball joints worn out quickly. In my experience few hundred hours of operation develops free play inside the plastic socket and metal ball.

Get quality rod end bearings like igubals. It will save a lot of troubleshooting time later on.


If you want to use Traxxis rod ends and balls due to limited budget, there is Hot and cold assembly technique that produces tight fitting. A builder suggests that it reduces developing extra space of the press in procedure.

  • Put all metal balls in freeze compartment of the refrigirator for ten to twenty minutes.
  • Prepare hot water in a cup where you will put the plasic rod end
  • Put couple plastic rod ends in the cup to warm up and take out equal number of metal balls from the refrigirator
  • Gently press one metal ball into a rod end



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