RepRapPro Fisher – 5

I picked up steel and aluminium parts from the laser cut company today.
Aluminium parts looked rough on edges.

I spent about three hours to disassemble the Fisher and check the frame parts alignment and bolt holes. It was near perfect except some bolt holes were little tight.

I was uncertain how do I set minimum diameter for metal plate type and thickness. And I made a mistake when I modified the top plate. Six holes were too small.

Tomorrow I’ll clean up and adjust holes of the parts before sending them to surface finish company.

Front panel, steel, 3 mm
Base plate, steel, 5 mm
Print bed, Aluminium, 5 mm

Front panel with 40x40x10 fan mount, steel, 3 mm

Side panel, steel, 3 mm

Side panel, steel, 3 mm

Side panel, steel, 3 mm

Top plate, steel, 5 mm

Effector plates, aluminium, 4 mm

Diagonal rods, aluminium, 4 mm

Effector for Bulbul Junior 3D Printer, aluminium, 5 mm

Total cost: 90,500.00 KRW

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