RepRapPro Fisher – 2

It comes with printed round bar that holds a 0.5kg spool on the side panel.
I disliked it and made a simple spool holder that takes 1 kg filament spool I have.


M6x100 bolt x1
M6 nut x2
M6 washer x2
67 mm length of Spacer
Two M8x100 bolts and six M8 bolts hold two triangle panel.

I noticed the timing belt rubs side wall of belt tensioner all the time. It will eats up the side walls and eventually create mechanical issue within few hundred hours of operation. I replaced 623 bearing of the belt tensioners with F623 bearing.


A base made out of MDF


Laser cutting cost of Fisher frames and parts

Plastic part has reliability problem. I have zero intend to spend time and energy for troubleshooting inevitable failures of many plastic parts of Fisher. RepRapPro introduces Fisher as entry-level, low cost 3D Printer. One of main reasons I bought Fisher Beta kit was to know and learn about how experts in RepRap 3D Printer industry design, make product.

Base plate, ss (steel), 5t (5 mm thickness), 9,300 KRW

Top plate, 9,500 KRW


Front panel x2, 6,500 KRW * 2


Side panel, 7,500 KRW


I need to supply aluminium plate to the laser cutting company.

Print bed, 5,000 KRW


Diagonal rod x12 * 2,000 KRW

Effector plate, middle, 3,700 KRW

Effector plate, top, 3,700 KRW


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