Mastering bridge

I performed E steps fine tuning. The original E steps was 462.80. Final E steps became E443.09 going through eight to ten calibration objects.

Infill 95%, Solid layer

Solid layer, Infill 95%

E Steps Fine Tuning

Now, with everything very close to ideal values, we can finally dial E steps in that final little bit!
Find an object with flat tops on a number of levels, such as this cube stack test (scale this object by 250% after loading in Slic3r)
Slice at 95% rectilinear infill. Use the lowest layer height you’re comfortable with – the lower the layer height used for this test, the finer your resulting E steps calibration will be. I use 0.2mm for first run, and if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll repeat this process at 0.1mm.
Ignore the first 5-6 layers because they’re too sensitive to the exact height of the first layer. If it’s obviously over-filling or under-filling, alter E steps or Z=0 point and restart the print.
Observe infill. If you can’t see tiny little gaps between the lines, reduce E steps by 0.5% every 2 layers until you can see tiny gaps.
Observe solid top layers. If you can see tiny gaps, increase E steps by 0.5% every 2 layers until there’s no gaps in the top.
Send the new E steps to your printer with M92 Ennn without even pausing the print – you will see the result in a couple of layers when the change is this small.
Goto 5 until the infill has tiny gaps AND the solid top layers do not.
Now, your E steps value is extremely fine-tuned! Save this value in your firmware’s configuration and flash to make permanent.

Now print your favourite calibration piece (e.g., ultimate calibration) and see how it measures!

Temperature: 185C
Layer fan speed: 100%

Slic3r setting:
Layer height: 0.2 mm
Bridging speed: 10 mm/s



Previous bridging test



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