Getting close to official Bulbul Junior 3D Printer.

Thermistor of E3D V6 hotend got broken while I was cleaning blockage of filament few days ago. It would take one or two weeks to get new thermistor. Out of frustration I decided to install a hotend I bought almost year ago. At that time due to lack of knowledge and experience about Reprep 3D Printer, I put it away.

3Dimensionshop hotend

Changed I’ve made:
– RAMPS 1.4 controller board is on top instead side.
– Extruder motor has a aluminium heat sink.
– 30x30x10 off of E3D Hotend kit runs in full speed all the time.
(I’ll install a layer fan that’s controlled by Marlin firmware.)
– Spool holder is upper left side.
– Three top endstops
– Three bottom endstops
– Diameter 180 mm of print bed
– Three heavy duty bed mounts

To do:
– New effector and carriage system that uses steel ball joints
– A blower
– Frame support and extra weight
– Bed heater
– Enclosure


Thermistor: NTC 100k 5% Honeywell (135-104 LAF-J01)

Configuration.h of Marlin firmware

// 3Dimensionshop hotend
#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 71 // 5 (E3D V6 Hotend)
#define TEMP_SENSOR_1 0
#define TEMP_SENSOR_2 0

// M303 E0 S200 C8
// bias: 172 d: 82 min: 195.00 max: 206.31
// Ku: 18.46 Tu: 62.92
// Clasic PID
// Kp: 11.08
// Ki: 0.35
// Kd: 87.10
#define DEFAULT_Kp 11.08
#define DEFAULT_Ki 0.35
#define DEFAULT_Kd 87.10

To get the PID values of the 12V heater (Heating Resistor Welwyn-w21 6R8 J1), I ran PID autotune in Pronterface. And I had to replace old PID values of E3D V6 with M301 P11.08 I0.35 D:87.10.

>>> M303 E0 s200 c8
SENDING:M303 E0 S200 C8
PID Autotune start
bias: 168 d: 86 min: 189.02 max: 204.94
bias: 181 d: 73 min: 189.67 max: 206.81
bias: 178 d: 76 min: 194.33 max: 206.75
Ku: 15.59 Tu: 68.03
Clasic PID
Kp: 9.35
Ki: 0.27
Kd: 79.52
Setting hotend temperature to 0.000000 degrees Celsius.
bias: 172 d: 82 min: 196.13 max: 206.13
Ku: 20.88 Tu: 61.47
Clasic PID
Kp: 12.53
Ki: 0.41
Kd: 96.27
bias: 171 d: 83 min: 196.00 max: 205.63
Ku: 21.96 Tu: 59.64
Clasic PID
Kp: 13.18
Ki: 0.44
Kd: 98.22
bias: 171 d: 83 min: 195.09 max: 206.31
Ku: 18.84 Tu: 61.47
Clasic PID
Kp: 11.30
Ki: 0.37
Kd: 86.86
bias: 171 d: 83 min: 195.00 max: 206.28
Ku: 18.74 Tu: 62.39
Clasic PID
Kp: 11.24
Ki: 0.36
Kd: 87.67
bias: 172 d: 82 min: 195.00 max: 206.31
Ku: 18.46 Tu: 62.92
Clasic PID
Kp: 11.08
Ki: 0.35
Kd: 87.10
PID Autotune finished! Put the Kp, Ki and Kd constants into Configuration.h

Most of rewiring work had done a week ago. I extended wires of three stepper motors, shortened three endstop switch and auto level probe wires.

For an half hour I had to troubleshoot filament blockage when the first printing started. There was no sign of melted filament at the nozzle tip. Inner diameter of the PTFE liner inside heat breaker was too tight to get through 1.75 mm filament. I had to replace it with a spare metal liner.

I did manual level calibration followed by auto calibration of Rich Cattel’s Marlin v1.x. Rich Cattel’s Marlin testing version didn’t work out even though it reported successful calibration. I’ve developed habit of manual checking of four points – X, Y, Z, and center on print bed – right after auto calibration. I use it as fine tuning not depending on it. When the center of bed was zero in Z, X tower was Z1.20, Y tower Z-1.40, Z tower Z1.10.

Photo of February 15, 2015

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